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If you are looking for a gym in the Fort Lauderdale area, you should really consider joining what has become the best fitness movement in Broward County.  In that bold statement, I’m referring to the House of Athlete in Weston.  Today I’ll share with you my experience with the House of Athlete Weston and tell you why I feel this concept is going to change workout programs as we know them, forever.

What is the House of Athlete?

The iconic House of Athlete was the brainchild of former NFL Superstar wide receiver Brandon Marshall.  Marshall is a staple at the flagship Weston location where he personally funded the state of the art build out to the tune of $10 million.  The facility is nothing short of what I would call a “motivational museum of fitness,” where the energy feels like you are in a big time sporting event from the moment you walk in past the white marble check in desk.

Every detail was well thought out.  Every color, the very little there is in this largely black with white accents, was planned.  The placement of the machines, the corporate offices, the training and rehab center, the altitude room, the yoga room and mental health area, oh yeah, and the gym, were all masterfully planned to create an open environment without any clutter.

This concept caters to every day gym rats to professional athletes alike, and don’t be surprised if you see both types at any given moment at the House of Athlete.  While personal training is done in a more intimate environment, the popular “Tribe” classes offer a workout of the day similar to cross fit that utilize the facilities state of the art equipment and well trained staff who supervise the workouts.  The classes run from 5 AM to 9 AM every morning and again in the afternoon.

A television screen large enough for an NFL stadium draws eyes from everyone as they look to it to see the workout of the day details.  When live classes aren’t going, you’ll see everything from live sports to Marshall’s own show, I AM Athlete, which is a highly popular podcast featuring sports and life topics from some of the most popular athletes of all time.  It’s an incredible listen, and many topics are covered in this highly personal podcast.

What Else Does House of Athlete Offer?

The facility is NOT just a gym.  As Marshall explained it in this Yahoo! news article, the business model is comprised of three tiers – fitness and training, supplements, and apparel.  From being a member there, I can tell you that they are excelling at all three.

house of athlete weston
The Daily workout is posted on the giant LED screen.

House of Athlete Fitness Classes

The fitness classes at House of Athlete are second to none.  Professional instructors guide you through grueling workouts that you do at your own pace, not to mention, your own choice of pushing yourself in terms of how much weight you want to use.  As a novice, I started out with light weights and have been working my way up to building muscle with heavier weight.  The weekend “Tribe” classes are also a huge hit and a lot of fun.  The culture created there makes it easy to want to go on a daily basis.

HOA weston

House of Athlete Recovery and Wet Room

It’s worth noting that on Wednesdays, the gym is closed for workouts.  In what the gym calls a “mental health and recovery day,” everyone takes off and recovers in the five star “wet room.”  The wet room features a giant therapeutic hot tub, a steam room, a sauna, a cold plunge, and a float therapy chamber.  A guide on the wall assists you in what order to do these in to achieve the best results in muscle recovery.  There really is nothing like it.  I’ve had friends want to get a guest pass JUST to use the wet room. It’s that awesome.

training room house of athlete
If you have any injuries or need PT, you can do all of that right on premises.

House of Athlete Supplements

The lovely staff at the front desk are happy to make you a pre-workout drink, a smoothie, and more at the front desk.  You an also purchase protein and other specialized supplements.  Recently, they have introduced a meal planning service that I’ve seen members take advantage of, but I have yet to try it.  Yet is  the key work because it looks and smells delicious!

Apparel from House of Athlete

Brandon’s wife Michi has designed some incredible clothing!  I have a HOA hoodie, and it’s absolute fire.  The apparel is on display right when you walk in, and while it’s not cheap, it’s super high quality and very comfortable. It’s a vibe I can totally get behind.  #TRIBE.

Perhaps the greatest part about how this facility was sculpted was that Marshall treats it like a professional sports team.  And by that I mean he incorporated everything he saw from his illustrious career into the Weston House of Athlete.  You’ll be able to access their trainers, mental health specialists, and nutritionists, and you can even get an IV drip.  There is literally nothing they didn’t think of when this gym was conceptualized.

House of Athlete Weston FL Location:

1495 N Park Dr, Weston, FL 33326

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