Do Florida Beaches Have Alligators?

Alligator on Beach

While it is rare, alligators and crocodiles have been seen on Florida beaches. However, these sightings have never been dangerous to humans. Alligators have a preference for fresh water and don’t stay long on public beaches. It is important to note that alligators can be found close to freshwater and can cause potential conflicts. To avoid alligator … Read more

Do Florida Beaches Close At Night?

Daytona Beach

The rules regarding whether Florida beaches close at night vary depending on the location. Here are some examples: Daytona Beach: The beach is accessible and free for pedestrians and bicyclists 24 hours a day, depending on tides and weather conditions.Beach driving is restricted to specific areas from one hour after sunrise to one hour before sunset, and … Read more

Can Dogwood Trees Grow In Florida?

Dogwood Trees

Yes, dogwood trees can grow in Florida. Here are some key points from the search results: Flowering dogwood occurs naturally along the edges of mesic hardwood forests and pinelands throughout North and much of Central Florida. Dogwoods grow best in well-drained, slightly acidic soils.They’re not drought-tolerant and should get plenty of water. The flowering dogwood is a native plant … Read more

Can Dogs Drink Florida Water?

Dog drinking water

Dogs can drink tap water in Florida, but there are some things to consider: Harmful algal blooms (HABs) can occur in Florida waters and produce toxins that can be harmful to dogs if they swim in or drink the water. City tap water might contain hard water minerals and contaminants that can be harmful to dogs … Read more

Can Cherries Grow In Florida?


Cherry trees that bear fruit are not suitable for Florida as they need cold weather and chilling hours to flower and fruit. However, there are some cherry tree varieties that can grow in Florida, such as Barbados, Taiwan, Okame, Kawanzan, and black cherry. Black cherry is a native North American fruit tree that can grow in areas of Florida north of Lake Okeechobee. Barbados … Read more

Can Dogs Live Outside In Florida?

Can Dogs Live Outside

Dogs can live outside in Florida, but there are some important considerations to keep in mind. Here are some key points to consider: Heat: The Florida summer heat can be dangerous for dogs, as their average body temperature is around 100 to 103 degrees Fahrenheit. Leaving them outside on a hot day can lead to a rise … Read more

Can Bunnies Live Outside In Florida?

Florida Bunny

There are mixed opinions on whether bunnies can live outside in Florida. Here are some key points to consider: Reasons to keep rabbits outside in Florida: According to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, rabbits can be kept outside in Florida as long as the area is covered to protect them from predators, fleas, and ticks. Outdoor … Read more

Can Anyone Hunt Pythons In Florida?

Pythons In Florida

Yes, anyone can hunt pythons in Florida. Here are some details to consider: Members of the public may capture and humanely kill nonnative reptiles like Burmese pythons. The South Florida Water Management District pays eligible hunters $8.10 an hour to look for pythons on its vast landholdings, which encompass much of the Everglades, although not Everglades National … Read more

Can A Tenant Change Locks In Florida?

Can A Tenant Change Lock

In Florida, a tenant can change their own locks if the lease doesn’t prohibit doing so. However, the landlord still has the right to enter for various lawful reasons, so tenants should provide copies of the new keys after any lock change. According to Chapter 83 of the Florida Statutes, a landlord cannot remove locks from a property unless … Read more

Can A Parent Go To Jail For Truancy In Florida?

Truancy In Florida

Yes, parents can face legal consequences for truancy in Florida. Here are some details from the search results: Under Florida law, parents can be charged with truancy if a child between 6 and 16 has 15 or more unexcused absences in three months. Parents of truant students may face criminal sanctions, including fines, jail time, and … Read more

Can A Notary Marry Someone In Florida?

Notary Marry

Yes, a notary can marry someone in Florida. Florida is one of only three states that allow notaries public to officiate weddings. However, the ceremony must be performed within the legal boundaries of the state of Florida. The notary public must also ensure that the couple has a valid marriage license and follow any specific guidelines … Read more

Can A Creditor Take My Car In Florida?

Creditor Take my Car

Yes, a creditor can take your car in Florida to pay certain delinquent debts, even if you own the title to the vehicle free and clear. This process is called levy in aid of execution and is carried out by the Sheriff’s Office at the request of a judgment creditor. However, whether a creditor can take your car depends … Read more