Ceviche Arigato Review

One of the problems of going to restaurants nowadays is that many of them offer you the same things with a different name. Therefore, it’s difficult to see a place that surprises you and gives you something unique you are not going to experience in any other restaurant.

If you, for example, want to get Mexican takeout, most Mexican restaurants may offer you the same dishes with some variations. Nonetheless, although we said it’s complex to find something unique out there, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, and Ceviche Arigato is here to prove that.

Ceviche Arigato doesn’t only offer you a Japanese-style sushi roll and mixed seafood but also Peruvian dishes you may not find in other restaurants in Florida. Yes, you read right, this restaurant offers you a combination of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine. This may seem odd at first glance, but eating this place’s food is a gift to your taste buds.

However, you shouldn’t visit restaurants if you don’t know that much about what they have to offer since that could lead to spending your money on things you don’t like. Dive into this page to know if you should visit this restaurant and what it has to offer!

Getting to Know Ceviche Arigato

Ceviche Arigato is a third-generation family business that has been established for more than 50 years. Regardless of that, it’s only been almost seven years in Weston, so you could say it’s a modern restaurant compared to others in the state.

Do you want a rice tortilla style combined with a mixed green salad and grilled chicken breast? It’s an odd combination for American customers, but that’s what you want in a restaurant that offers foreign food. Thanks to its variety, Ceviche Arigato has been awarded seven times by the Open Table brand.

This restaurant offers a fun experience to customers due to its mix of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, but it still works with top chefs that are all professional and qualified for the job, so don’t expect your food is being prepared by new newcomers or someone who doesn’t know that much about what Ceviche Arigato wants for its clients.

Testimonials and reviews talk highly of Ceviche Arigato, which makes new clients feel safer when going there. You can also use Ceviche Arigato as the place for family parties or birthdays, and the only thing you need to do for that is to call its business number and book a table.

As other restaurants do, Ceviche Arigato offers a gift card that helps you get special discounts and promotions in the future. Buy one if you think you’ll be visiting this restaurant more than one time!

Ceviche Arigato Menu

Things such as ambiance and customer service are fundamental when visiting a new restaurant, but the food is always the main show, so restaurants need food to be good if they want to succeed. Additionally, it’s always good to know the menu before going to the restaurant to know what to order when you get there.

Ceviche Arigato Weston offers a decent variety of dishes that range from lite mayo cream sauce with lightly seasoned grilled churrasco to mixed seafood with soy sauce. We are going to show you some of the best dishes you can order at this restaurant, but take into account that we are classifying them by using the ingredients they have.

Ceviche Arigato Menu

With that being said, these are some of the things you can order from the Ceviche Arigato menu:

Lite Mayo Cream Sauce

If you are into lite mayo cream sauce, we recommend you go for Causa Maki, which consists of mashed Peruvian potatoes with lite mayo cream sauce and the protein you like better. You can choose between chicken, shrimp, Pulpo al Olivo, and tuna.

You can also ask the chef to add its signature huancaina cream sauce or soy sauce if you like it better.

Homemade Teriyaki Sauce

Teriyaki is a classic in Japanese food, and you can’t lose the opportunity to have some while you are at Ceviche Arigato. Order some Teriyaki Ribs as an appetizer to other big dishes with mixed grill seafood or crumb goat cheese.

The Teriyaki sauce used for this dish is homemade, and you can also add it to the mixed seafood the restaurant offers.

Olive Cream Sauce

People who fancy olive cream sauce often go for the Pulpo a la Oliva Roll, which includes avocado and a fresh slice of Japanese octopus. You can also order regular Pulpo al Olivo with other mixed seafood if you don’t feel like eating sushi.

White Wine Garlic Sauce

If you are going to this Peruvian Japanese restaurant for the first time, you should try to order as much as you can to get the full experience of going there. Entrees are excellent at this place, and we recommend you order Camarones Al Ajo.

This dish includes tomato sauce, white wine garlic sauce, parsley, and sauteed shrimp. Other entrees are green peppers prepared with cheese sauce or cilantro sauce. Sweet plantains are also popular at this restaurant.

Is Ceviche Arigato Expensive?

Although this Peruvian Japanese takeout is not expensive, it’s not especially inexpensive, either. Prices are average compared to other places, so don’t worry about spending all your budget here.

When Can I Go to Ceviche Arigato?

Ceviche Arigato is open from 11.00 Am to 11.00 Pm, unless any special occasions are making the schedule change. This schedule applies to onsite clients who want to visit the restaurant or people ordering delivery service.

What About the Restaurant’s Vibe?

Someone who’s never been to this Peruvian Japanese experience may not know what to expect when going there since Peru and Japan have completely different cultures. However, people who have been to Peru say being there makes them recreate all the food-related memories they made in Peru.

Overall, we could say the ambiance is comfortable for people of all ages, and you have enough privacy to talk with the people going with you with no problem.


It’s not that common to see people trying new things, such as creating a restaurant that combines Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, so it’s delightful to see how good things have been for this restaurant.

Going to Ceviche Arigato is a unique experience, so we recommend you go there whenever you want to have a different experience from the one you have in average restaurants.

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