Orlando Weather

For obvious reasons, many people are interested in knowing about the weather and seasons in Orlando, Florida. And it makes perfect sense since this is such a huge vacation destination for families, happy couples, and even single people looking have a good time. So the weather is obviously going to play an important role when … Read more

Walt Disney World Orlando

Walt Disney World was originally founded by Walter and Roy Disney on October 1, 1971. This is one of the preeminent vacation destinations. People flock to Orlando – the home of Disney World – all year round so that they can enjoy a fun holiday vacation with family and friends. Disney World Orlando Overview The … Read more

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Site Updates Heading Into Summer 2016

Site Updates

We’ve been quite busy here at floridareviewguide.com! In case you haven’t noticed the changes on the site, I’ll go ahead and give you a recap of what’s been happening here. I’ve been very busy checking out local businesses.  There’s really no shortage of businesses in South Florida, where I reside, so it could be a … Read more

What Time is It in Florida

Many people come here wondering “what time zone is Florida in?” Some people even ask “where is Florida located?” While us Florida residents forgive you for asking what we think are questions with obvious answers, we do know that not everyone is located near Florida or has has the luxury of living in Florida. So, … Read more

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Florida Moving Tips

Florida Moving Tips

If you find yourself moving to Florida, follow these moving tips, courtesy of Summit Van Lines. Six Tips to Help Your Move to Florida Moving is tricky business. You have to do a lot before you move. This includes registering with government agencies, changing your address, updating other crucial data and the moving of stuff … Read more