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Today I’m sharing a site with you that will help you encounter somewhere to get a nose job in Florida, followed by some tips on how you can best clean your nose after having this surgery done.

Sound fun?  Well, hey, it’s a slow day on the Florida news front, so we’re adding value any way we can.

Where to Get a Nose Job in Florida

This site will cover the entire State. Florida, as we all know, is a massive State.  It’s one of the largest.

Check out this website, a directory of where to find surgeons across the USA:

Now, onto some facts and tips about this procedure….in case you were interested.

Rhinoplasty or nose job is a surgical procedure for fixing problems with the nose such as a deviated septum, breathing problems or any other deformities in the nose. Some people get the surgery done to enhance their looks. Irrespective of the reason, a rhinoplasty surgery is performed under general or local anesthesia. Moreover, the patients are also advised to take extra care after the surgery.

One area where a lot of patients face trouble is cleaning their nose after a nose job. Cleaning the nose must be done with extreme care. In order to reduce swelling, pressure and pain, you will also have to keep your nose cold. The doctor may also recommend nasal saline solutions along with other ointments to relieve nose crusting. In order to clean the nasal passages, you should use water along with peroxide solution in the nostrils to avoid the nose from getting infected. Moreover, you should also clean the incisions made during the surgery with the same solution (peroxide) and use ointment on the incision as well as the inside of your nostrils.

After The Surgery

After the surgery is done, your nose will need to be handled with extra care and treatment for proper healing. It is important to use cold packs for the first two days of the surgery. You may also experience bleeding and thus, apply new gauze right underneath your nose to ensure it stops bleeding.

On the other hand, the doctor may prescribe nasal saline solution if your nose starts to crust. The solution will help in relieving congestion and provide a very soothing effect. In order to use the solution and apply it, bend your head towards one side and insert the tip of the solution in each nostril one by one. Make sure you push the top down to ensure the solution sprays properly.

To clean your nose, make a mix of hydrogen peroxide and water and use a q-tip to soak in the solution. Then insert the Q-tip in each nostril and let it dry off. Don’t use the same Q-tip in both nostrils. Moreover, your doctor will also prescribe an antibiotic ointment that you will have to apply in both nostrils. You can also use the same hydrogen peroxide and water solution to clean the incision made during the surgery. An antibiotic ointment should also treat the incision at least thrice a day.

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