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For obvious reasons, many people are interested in knowing about the weather and seasons in Orlando, Florida. And it makes perfect sense since this is such a huge vacation destination for families, happy couples, and even single people looking have a good time. So the weather is obviously going to play an important role when choosing the ideal time to take your trip.

If you’re going Orlando and plan to head to the theme parks, you would obviously want to avoid hurricanes and the rainy season. And for many of us, we prefer not to spend an inordinate amount of time in the heat, so it only makes sense to learn when it is going to be extremely hot in Orlando and when it will cool down.

What is the Weather Like in Orlando, Florida?

With that in mind, we will discuss the seasons in Orlando and take a much closer look at the weather patterns. This way you’ll be able to determine the perfect time to take your Orlando Florida vacation.

The Fall Season in Orlando Florida

In the beginning of the fall season in Orlando, it is still going to be very hot. But the good thing about the fall in this part of the US is that even though it continues to stay hot, the humidity has a tendency to die down. And as we all know, humidity is one of the main reasons why it feels so hot and stuffy in Orlando during the summer season.

In our expert opinion, the perfect time to vacation in this part of the country is during the fall season. Particularly, we really recommend you visit Orlando during September and October. It can still be quite humid in September, depending on weather patterns and the like, so you may have to pay attention to the local forecasts to find out how the weather patterns are playing out if you are considering taking your vacation at that time.

But by the time October rolls around, the humidity should have already left the air. And the stuffiness will not feel so oppressive any longer. To play it safe, you’re better off booking your Orlando vacation during October if heat is going to play a major factor in your thinking. If you do not mind the heat and humidity, then you can schedule your vacation for any time. But if that is going to be a problem, then fall is an excellent time to choose to visit the theme parks and enjoy a wonderful vacation with family and friends.

To give you an idea of the temperatures during the fall, the average temperature in September is 90°. The average temperature in October is 85°. And the average temperature in November is a 79°.

The Winter Season in Orlando

The winter is also another fine time to visit Orlando. And this is particularly true if you plan on taking a family vacation or you are just looking to get away from it all for a while.

The first two weeks in December are particularly fun to visit. Remember, December is Christmas time. So all of the theme parks are going to be decorated with Christmas themes. So if you enjoy holiday events and holiday decorations, then you’ll particularly enjoy visiting Orlando during this time of year.

As far as weather trends are concerned, the weather is going to be absolutely beautiful during this time of the year. And this is probably the reason why Orlando is so jam packed with tourists during the final two weeks of December. Obviously they are there to take advantage of the fun filled holiday festivities. But the gorgeous weather also has a huge impact on their overall decision as well.

During January in Orlando, it’s certainly possible to find one or two people walking around in shorts. But the main thing to realize is that this person is probably not an Orlando native. They are most likely a tourist.

For the most part in January, the locals wear long pants and pack their shorts away for a few months. On occasion, you may even see one of the locals wearing a jacket or sweater, and again this depends upon the weather patterns at that particular time.

There’s great news for tourists looking to visit Orlando during the winter. All in all, the weather is pretty good. The locals might find it chilly, but anyone coming from a cold climate will think the weather is absolutely gorgeous.

The average temperature in December is 73°. The average temperature in January is 71°. In the average temperature in February is 73°.

The Spring Season in Orlando

Spring begins in March in Orlando, and if you blink long enough you’ll miss it! Spring doesn’t last very long weather-wise in this neck of the woods. And quite frankly, the weather is often too good to pass up. And you can tell by all of the spring breakers and vacationers overwhelming the local area.

Since spring comes and goes so quickly in Orlando, there really isn’t too much left to say. The average temperature in March is 78°. The average temperature in April is 83°. And the average temperature in May is 88°.

The Summer Season in Orlando

Orlando is a busy place during the summertime. And as you already know, it’s also extremely hot. But that doesn’t stop the tourists from visiting Disney World and other tourist attractions to enjoy a fun filled family vacation.

During June, the average temperature is 91°. The average temperature in July is 92°. In the average temperature in August is also 92°. Just remember that it’s also incredibly humid in Orlando during the summer season. It often feels like it is well over 100° because of the humidity index.

Hurricane Season in Orlando

Hurricane season in Orlando goes from June and lasts until November. The worst hurricane months begin in late August and last until October. It’s often hard to predict the time that Orlando’s daily thunderstorm will happen during this season. And inclement weather may force you indoors or even cause the airlines to cancel your flight because the weather patterns are so severe.

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