Florida Moving Tips

If you find yourself moving to Florida, follow these moving tips, courtesy of Summit Van Lines.

Six Tips to Help Your Move to Florida

Moving is tricky business. You have to do a lot before you move. This includes registering with government agencies, changing your address, updating other crucial data and the moving of stuff itself. Things can get nasty if you aren’t prepared. Here are some tips that can help you get the best out of your move day.

Carefully buy the boxes you’ll be packing stuff into

When you go out to buy boxes, buy both small and big boxes. Some items are better packed in small boxes than in large boxes. Books and other items can be packed in small boxes while linen, duvet and other clothing stuff can be put in big boxes.

Pack carefully

When packing, the biggest mistake someone can make is not sort the stuff out. If you are packing heavy stuff, pack them at the bottom and the light stuff should go on the top. If you carefully pack stuff, the chances of breakage are really less.

Try not to leave any empty spaces in the boxes

If you are moving to a far away location, the truck carrying your packed stuff will have to travel a lot. Leaving space in the boxes means that everything in that box will be overturned by the time the truck reaches the new space. Make sure no space is left in the boxes by putting foams and other means between the things so they are tightly packed.

Labeling the boxes is important

Label your boxes with clear and big headings. Don’t just write what the box contains but also write where the stuff belongs in your new home. For example, stuff from the kitchen must be labeled ‘Kitchen’ ‘Utensils’ or ‘Kitchen’ ‘Cutlery’ etc. This also makes moving companies more efficient in placing the boxes at the right rooms. And ultimately this will make unpacking them a lot easier.

Ensure boxes are tightly sealed

Again if you are moving to a new place that is far off, you need to make sure your boxes are safe and tightly packed. Put the tape around the boxes and check them for durability. Your boxes shouldn’t be lightly taped because they can open on the way.

Get professional help for delicate stuff

Expensive stuff can be hard to deal with. If you have tons of expensive paintings and other home decoration pieces, you may require special catering services. These people are experts when it comes to moving stuff that is fragile, expensive and hard to move. Alternatively, if your new home isn’t far off, you can put this stuff in your private car and carefully drive to the new place.

Ensure the small things are kept really accessible

When you move to the new house, you will need tools. Make sure tools like pliers, hammer, nails and other important tools are kept in a small box accessible to you. These small tools can easily be lost in the move itself and you may not be able to find them on the right time.

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