People Running Stop Signs in Weston Town Center

Here’s a compilation of videos of people who blatantly “forgot” to stop at the stop sign in front of the Cheese Course in Weston Town Center.

This is an area highly trafficked by pedestrians, not to mention an area where children ride their bikes and congregate.  The fact that people can’t come to a proper stop, as required by law, is completely absurd.

Here’s a compilation of videos collected on Friday, September 30, 2016.  These were all capture in about a ten minute span after witness countless cars do the same thing prior to beginning the filming of these videos.

When You Ignore a Stop Sign in Weston Town Center

Here’s another piece of footage we captured on the same day.

If P Diddy was driving he’d be like “Can’t stop.  Won’t stop.”

This guy didn’t even slow down!

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