Yum Korean Weston Review – Here’s What You Need to Know

When people talk about finding Korean food in Weston, Yum Korea is the first place that pops into mind. Introducing fresh homemade meals and authentic delicacies, this restaurant should be a must-try for those visiting Florida.

The Korean cuisine offered at Yum Korea is one of the finest in the area, making it a go-to spot for Asians and those wanting to explore different cultures.

Its impressive menu consists of a bunch of mouth-watering food items, which we’ll cover in detail below.

The best thing about the place is how budget-friendly each item is. It’s a lot cheaper than traditional Korean restaurants.

If you’re visiting the state anytime soon this year, do check out this fantastic Korean BBQ spot in Weston. The following sections will cover the food Yum Korea offers and how you can order from them.

What Its Menu Offers

Eaters can go through an extensive food listing Yum Korea updates now and then. Its online and PDF menu items are reasonably priced and have steamed/fried variations.

Yum Korea Menu

The list includes incredible appetizers, noodles, BBQ, rice bowls, tacos, Chinese Bao Buns, and more. Here’s a glance at what each category holds:

  • Appetizers

From this section, choose between savory and sweet bites, including Kimchi and seafood pancakes, pork dumplings, deep-fried noodle rolls, cheese corn dogs, etc. You can also enjoy a steaming pot of Tteok-bokki, especially if you’re craving heat in every bite.

  • Noodles 

The noodles on the Yum Korea menu are just as vast as the appetizers. Here, the Tofu Miso ramen is quite popular during wintry nights, while the Jjapaghetti is the most popular takeaway. Those who enjoyed watching the delicious noodle scene in “Parasite” can also order the Neoguri Jjapaguri item.

On the other hand, its Japchae is perfect for eaters craving some garden freshness in its food. This item packs a savory punch with its spicy seafood or pork toppings.

  • BBQ

Anyone watching K-dramas can relate to the delicious BBQ shots thrown here and there. You can now enjoy the same experience while dining at this Korean restaurant in Weston! Yum

Korea brings you an array of meaty goodness, including Korean steaks, Galbi short ribs, spicy pork or Bulgogi beef, etc.

White meat lovers can opt for the chicken versions, which include Galbi chicken marinated in spicy BBQ sauce.

  • Katsu

Are you craving some Japanese chicken Katsu with a Korean twist to it? Why not go for the Sunshine Katsu topped with two sunny side-ups? Although this section of Yum Korea only consists of two cutlet items, both meals’ taste and flavor are heavenly.

  • Rice

White rice is a pivotal dish of any Asian dish, which Yum Korea heavily emphasizes. This category is one of the most detailed and varied ones in the restaurant. Choose between the hot stone or traditional Bibimbap if you want some veggies and protein in one go.

On the other hand, the Poke bowl is a favorite among those ordering takeaways. Cheese lovers can also give the volcano fried rice a go. Munch on these delicious rice items from the comfort of your home!

  • Tacos

Ever wondered what Korean tacos would taste like? If you’re like us, you’d be pleasantly surprised to know the many Asian combinations a simple tortilla can offer! The Yum Korea menu provides a range of different toppings you can choose from.

In essence, the most commonly requested protein on tacos here is spicy pork. However, Bulgogi beef is another savory addition to tortillas. Seafood enthusiasts can opt for fried cod, shrimp, tuna sushi, or salmon.

  • Bao Buns

We love doughy goodness, especially if it’s stuffed with the delicious flavor options Yum Korea offers guests.

The Bao Buns at this Korean restaurant in Weston let you choose between different stuffing, such as tofu, shrimp, galbi chicken, pork, and beef. You can also ask for more spice or mild alternatives.

  • Quesadilla 

Another surprising non-Korean item on its menu is the quesadillas. Choose cheese, corn, hot sauce, and cilantro for the toppings. On the other hand, the stuffing includes shrimp for seafood lovers, Galbi chicken, spicy pork, and beef Bulgogi.

  • Nachos

Who doesn’t love nachos? It’s fun to eat, easy to share, and comes in heaps – perfect for parties and get-togethers!

The Yum Korea menu offers tasty nachos with various savory toppings, such as poke tuna, beef bulgogi, Galbi chicken, and even shrimp.

  • Sides

Korean food always comes with various sides, which many foreigners mistake for the actual meal! Don’t worry, though; we’re just like you. Yum Korea offers traditional steamed rice, spicy Kimchi, Miso soup, Mandu soup, and house salad (a combination of fresh greens) as popular sides.

Guests enjoy pairing a bit of all sides with the main dish for an explosion of flavors in their mouths!

  • Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea has become a staple in Asian countries, with almost every café visitor ordering such a drink once throughout the day. The variety of fresh teas at this Korean restaurant in Weston is perfect for Boba lovers.

You can choose between its milk and fruit teas and add toppings to your liking. Its specialty drinks include cookies and cream, snow, tiger, cha-cha, and more. We recommend trying out the fruit lemonade on hot, sunny days – it’s made with natural fruits!

How to Order Takeaway from Yum Korea

If you’re ordering Korean BBQ in Weston from Yum Korea, you can check out takeaways through UBER Eats and GrubHub. Door Dash is also available. You can call between 12:00 PM and 9:30 PM every day.

However, try to make a reservation or head out early if you want to dine in at the restaurant. The fantastic food and unique menu are reasons why people flock to Yum Korea whenever visiting Florida. As a result, you can expect huge lines during weekends. We suggest checking the place out on any other weekday for a better chance of getting in.


This Yum Korea in Weston review is made with the thought of helping those visiting the state find budget-friendly places to dine at. We hope you enjoyed reading through this while gathering the necessary information regarding the restaurant!

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