Delvecchio’s Pizza Review: Is This Italian Restaurant Worth Visiting?

Fans of traditional Italian cuisine can find the best place to eat in Weston: Delvecchio’s pizzeria & Italian restaurant.

While there are plenty of Italian restaurants in South Florida, it has gained popularity among food enthusiasts thanks to its delicious Italian cooking and its extensive menu with traditional delicacies.

However, many wonder if Delvecchio’s pizzeria & Italian restaurant is worth visiting. Do you want to know the answer? That’s what you can discover here.

A Little Bit of History Behind Delvecchio’s Delicious Italian Cooking

Delvecchio’s pizzeria & Italian restaurant has its roots in the US capital of pizza: New York.

Its founder, James E. McDonnell IV, was born and raised in Queens. However, he opened his first restaurant in Weston, hoping to bring the authentic New York-style pizza and those unforgettable Italian dishes of his childhood to Broward County.

Delvecchio’s first location quickly made a name for itself. Its pizza was voted the best in town for the last 10 years! Since then, its popularity began to grow, and its traditional Italian cuisine has spread throughout South Florida.

What Makes Delvecchio’s Different from Other Italian Restaurants?

Like other Italian restaurants and pizzerias in Weston, Delvecchio’s offers a menu inspired by Italy’s cuisine. In other words, you can find those classic dishes you love there!

However, as it is committed to bringing back traditional Italian cuisine, Delvecchio’s executes only genuine recipes that give each dish a unique flavor and reflects Italy’s culture.

As a young man, founder James E. McDonnell traveled back to his hometown, New York, to find inspiration in old-school Italian restaurants and pizzerias.

Mr. McDonnell learned the artisanal techniques for making pizzas there. Today, Delvecchio’s has a skilled staff that prepares fresh dough daily to guarantee quality food and great flavor.

As a result, it offers some of the best New York-style pizza you can find in Florida and the US.

In addition, Delvecchio’s pizzeria & Italian restaurant does not sacrifice quality to cut costs. Its staff focuses on providing delicious Italian cooking using only the finest ingredients.

One of its biggest draws, its tomato sauce, has been perfected over the years to achieve the perfect balance of flavors. This delicacy is something that past and current customers never forget!

Delvecchio’s expert pizza makers also take cheese seriously, as they know it is the most important ingredient on a pizza. Therefore, the restaurant uses only the freshest mozzarella cheese supplied by the country’s leading Italian gourmet cheesemaker Grande Cheese Company.

Does Delvecchio’s Restaurant Only Offer Pizzas?

Delvecchio's Pizza

Although it’s known for its pizza varieties with several toppings, including its popular veggie pizza, Delvecchio’s pizzeria & Italian restaurant offers an extensive menu with other delicacies.

Traditional Italian Cuisine Dishes You Can Find There

The menu includes starters such as garlic rolls, meatballs, fried mozzarella, chicken wings and fingers, minestrone, and more.

You can also order Hot & Cold subs there, such as meatball parmigiana, ham & provolone cheese, chicken cutlet parmigiana, and deluxe Philly cheesesteak.

Other options on its mouth-watering menu include salads such as mozzarella Caprese, Caesar salad, calzones, and stromboli.

Pasta varieties cannot be missing here, of course. You can try your favorite one, whether it is pasta with sausage, alfredo sauce, vodka sauce, lasagna, or cheese ravioli.

Additionally, Delvecchio’s pizzeria & Italian restaurant offers classic Italian dishes such as sausage, peppers & onions, chicken marsala, eggplant parmigiana, shrimp scampi, chicken piccata, and more!

Are There Lunch Specials?

Fortunately, yes! If you want to enjoy great food and lunch while you relax in a restaurant’s outdoor seating on your break from work or after a busy morning, Delvecchio’s is the best place to go!

It offers lunch specials from 11:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Most Italian dishes are available during this time, and all include a choice of pasta, a side of soup, or a garlic roll.

Why Are Delvecchio’s Garlic Rolls so Popular?

Definitely, yes! Delvecchio’s offers several entrees, but its garlic rolls are by far the most popular. They are rolls baked to perfection and topped with a delicious blend of garlic, olive oil or butter, and Italian herb seasoning. You can order a dozen or a half dozen, but keep in mind that they are so delicious you may end up eating more!

What About Desserts and Beverages?

Delvecchio’s offers classic drinks such as coffee, water, soda, and beers. However, you can also choose a sophisticated red or white wine to accompany your delicious pasta. Wines are definitely the best choices when you have Italian food.

Its menu also includes a delicious selection of desserts featuring traditional Italian items such as cannoli, tiramisu, and Nutella pizza.

Final Thoughts: How Is Delvecchio’s Italian Restaurant Rated?

Delvecchio’s pizza with exquisite tomato sauce and fresh premium quality mozzarella is considered one of the best you can find in Florida!

However, the restaurant is also an excellent option for those who prefer a fresh salad with mushrooms or ricotta, soup, a delicious lasagna, or another traditional Italian dish.

Overall, Delvecchio’s has received positive feedback over the years, getting three-four stars on most food and tourism sites. You can check more reviews on TripAdvisor or Yelp.

Other pizzeria’s in Weston include Pizza Fusion organic pizza, and many others.

Where Can I Find Delvecchio’s Pizzeria?

Delvecchio’s skilled staff is providing delicious Italian cooking with only the finest ingredients to all the people visiting Weston Town Center or its surroundings who want to enjoy a delicious pizza or taste Italy’s great food in a warm and traditional atmosphere!


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