What is the Best SEO Agency in Fort Lauderdale?

Tim Schmidt is back in business, offering world-class SEO services to help companies grow in the competitive Internet world and dominate the most demanding search engines.

After spending a couple of years focusing on an internal eCommerce project that required most of its power, this Fort Lauderdale full-service digital marketing company is ready to guide small businesses and big brands alike to build their path to success again.

The Reason Behind the Decision

Ice Cold Marketing offers search engine optimization services.

Although Ice Cold Marketing had over 40 active clients when the pandemic hit the world in 2020, Schmidt discovered that accepting more customer and expanding its client list was not in the best interests of his Fort Lauderdale internet marketing agency. In response, Schmidt decided to transform his work to help companies and brands shift from traditional marketing methods to an SEO-driven strategy.

With innovative search engine marketing campaigns and top-quality content creation, his clients got the boost they needed to get noticed and continue to grow even though traditional networking channels and ways of reaching audiences were no longer available.

Switching from Traditional Marketing to Search Engine Optimization

Ice Cold Marketing offers digital marketing services.

The pandemic not only shut down the world. It also revolutionized the way global enterprises communicated, sold, and advertised. Therefore, with more entrepreneurs and business owners striving to stay afloat, internet marketing services skyrocketed.

Tim Schmidt received many calls for help from many businesses needing a guide to navigate uncharted waters. Many new clients were unaware of the power a solid SEO campaign and other digital marketing practices have to expand their business and increase demand for their services or products amid what seemed like a devastating situation for the entire world.

Ice Cold Marketing gave them a new perspective. However, it stopped accepting new clientele to save people’s financial well-being In July 2020. Fortunately, after a year of intensive planning, this Fort Lauderdale SEO company decided to resume operations.

Schmidt’s e-commerce business was undergoing an acquisition while the customer re-engagement plan was in development. Once it was completed, he didn’t hesitate for a second to get back to what he does best.

Tim Schmidt Digital Marketing Agency Plan for 2022

Now, Schmidt helps Florida businesses appear at the top search engine results and earn money from their presence on the Internet. Ice Cold Marketing’s Fort Lauderdale SEO team has joined forces with highly trained international professionals to deliver streamlined service to the existing clientele and replicate the success with new clients.

He leveraged the time he previously spent as an Internet marketing expert promoting his own project, a company operating in the beauty industry, to develop new strategies that would allow his customers to grow. As a result, this SEO agency in Fort Lauderdale now focuses on helping businesses and brands achieve that same success.

Fort Lauderdale SEO Agency with More Than 20 Years of Experience

Just a few months after graduating from college, Schmidt created a Florida SEO company that he helped grow and scale. Such an achievement soon became a 20-year track record of making companies and brands rank higher in search engine rankings.

ice cold marketing agency

As of 2021, he has made a name for himself within SEO circles in South Florida and is considered an expert on the Fort Lauderdale SEO Agency scene. In the last two decades, Schmidt has seen everything that the digital and social media marketing world has brought, including the birth of platforms such as Instagram or TikTok, and the rise of many search engines. In addition, he has sold, built, optimized, and promoted a dozen online businesses, testing each theory on his own projects to develop the perfect plan for his clients.

How Tim Schmidt Has Revolutionized Digital Marketing Services

Tim Schmidt has transformed digital marketing, setting a precedent in how local SEO agencies operate to boost Fort Lauderdale businesses. As an SEO expert, he has navigated through numerous Google updates and changes, gaining knowledge and discovering tools to get consistent results each year. There is no upgrade to search engines that Schmidt doesn’t know. He also understands how local rankings work, analyzes the competition, and executes the whole SEO process to help brands and companies in all industries reach their full potential. Therefore, he offers full-featured, proven service to those who trust him.

SEO Services to Take Local Businesses to the Next Level

Schmidt and Ice Cold Marketing’s SEO specialists and content writers work closely to offer top-notch Fort Lauderdale SEO services based on these tools:

  • Link building
  • Local SEO
  • Page structure and web design advice
  • High-quality content creation
  • Content marketing
  • Organic search
  • Email marketing
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Business goals definition
  • Search engine marketing
  • Search engine ranking
  • Keywords optimization
  • Branding consulting
  • Leads generation
  • Search terms report
  • Data-driven SEO analytics
  • And so on

With each SEO service he offers, Schmidt focuses on the following goals:

Converting Customers Into Traffic

Ice Cold Marketing’s creative and professional SEO team goes the extra mile to ensure that every action the business takes online translates into website traffic. Consequently, experts strive to improve websites’ search results and turn that organic traffic into high-quality leads.

Helping Businesses Gain Traction Online

Regardless of the project’s size, Schmidt creates a smart SEO strategy and helps businesses gain traction online to get more traffic, boost conversions, and generate revenue from their web properties.

Conquering the Internet through SEO

Ice Cold Marketing uses link building, reputation management, keyword research, links optimization, and other SEO techniques to help businesses rank at the top of search engines and have authoritative websites.

Why Choose Ice Cold Marketing and Look for Schmidt Help?

It’s no coincidence that Schmidt appeared on the most popular elite marketer lists among companies of all sizes that need digital marketing advice. In addition to experience and knowledge, his agency offers several benefits, including:

Ice Cold Marketing Works with All Types of Companies in the Fort Lauderdale Area

Any business owner or entrepreneur can benefit from a monthly campaign by Ice Cold Marketing, from freelancers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to huge global brands. Whether they are big, small, or quirky, Schmidt takes pride in helping businesses and brands that other SEO companies won’t accept or commit to.

Schmidt Understands the Process’ Timing

An SEO campaign is not designed or executed in the blink of an eye. All SEO experts know that search engine marketing requires time, knowledge, changes, and a lot of patience. Therefore, he never suggests results he cannot achieve and analyzes Google SEO trends and algorithmic changes to create the best plan for a local business or a global brand.

The SEO Company Offers a Free SEO Audit to All Its Potential Clients

Ice Cold Marketing offers a free, full website audit and a complimentary “no frills” assessment to understand each client’s business needs and marketing efforts. Schmidt is committed to helping its clients achieve success and growth. Therefore, he doesn’t hesitate to be honest and tell the company or brand owners that their ROI just isn’t there.


Immersing yourself in the changing Internet marketing and SEO universe can be tricky. However, there’s someone who can do it for you: Tim Schmidt and his agency in Fort Lauderdale. There are oceans of SEO and digital marketing companies in South Florida and across the state, but there’s only one with as much experience as Ice Cold Marketing.

If you want to take your business to the next level, optimize your online presence, and leverage all that SEO trends can bring to your business, visit IceColdMarketing.com for a free website audit and consultation. This company with 20+ years of expertise is currently accepting clients, and you can be one of them! Let Schmidt and his team accompany you in this complex but wonderful digital marketing journey and take your brand or business where you’ve always wanted it to be.

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