Where to Eat Breakfast in Weston, Florida

If you are considering relocating to Weston, or just happen to live in the area and are curious as to what’s out there for breakfast, I’ve gone ahead and created a guide to all of the best breakfast spots in Weston.  There are many different types of food available in town thanks to the rich culture and diverse population that has settled here, so if you enjoy variety, even a moderately sized town like this one can compete with all of the diversity that nearby Miami offers.

Let me guide you to the best places to eat breakfast in Weston!


Breakfast Places in Weston, FL

I mentioned earlier that there is a lot of diversity in Weston, so I’ve decided to niche down the breakfast offerings into sub categories.

American Breakfast in Weston

For a solid foundation where you’ll find eggs, bacon, toast, and more, you can never go wrong with selecting a typical American style breakfast.  Weston offers many places where you can find this type of fare.


Bagels, bowls, egg dishes, avocado toast, and much more.  This isn’t just a breakfast spot, it’s also a very happening place with the lunch crowd.

Weston Diner

Typical diner fare, everything you see at a classic diner is available here.

Panera Bread

This chain restaurant serves everything from pastries, to bagels, to oatmeal, and more.

Einstein’s Bagels

Another chain restaurant that needs zero introduction, Einstein’s is very popular for their bagel selection.


Classic American breakfast dishes at competitive prices, as well as a huge bagel selection. Don’t let the name fool you, this place has everything you could possibly want to eat for breakfast.

Mitch’s West Side Bagels

Another one with a big menu that shouldn’t be assumed to be just a bagel shop.  Mitch’s is on the pricier side of the breakfast fare in Weston, but you get what you pay for and you will never leave hungry.

Healthy Breakfast in Weston

Carrot Express

This is a chain that has sprouted up all around South Florida, and Weston is one of their latest stores.  Featuring a healthy menu and delicious smoothies and green drinks, this is already a happening place in Weston Town Center.

Raw Juce

Another chain that you’ll find around South Florida, you can get acai bowls, shakes, and salads.

French Breakfast in Weston

The Cheese Course

Technically this is a French cuisine, but you will find eggs and delicious croissant sandwiches at The Cheese Course so you’ll see it’s a pretty Americanized version of French food.  Always a hit and conveniently located in Town Center.

Little Hen

This is the fanciest morning restaurant in Weston and it features an amazing breakfast menu!  You can sip champagne, tea, and everything in between.

Read our Little Hen review.

Bonjour French Bakery & Cafe

Bonjour has everything you’d expect at typical French bakery.

Latin Breakfast in Weston

This is where the list goes on, and on, and on.  You’ll find no shortage of options to get into some arepas, both of Colombian and Venezuelan descents!

Caffe Gourmet

This is a delicious coffee bar that features amazing food.  Try their chia seed arepas, which come in a wide variety of flavor options.  One of the best kept secrets in Weston because of it’s somewhat hidden location.


You can find the Panna on Weston Road busy at any hour of the day!  This is a popular grab and go breakfast spot that has limited seating.  Many people stop through here on their way to work to get a breakfast sandwich or arepa.  It’s also a late night spot to fulfill those munchies!  They also have another location in Town Center.

Sano Food

This Colombian-owned restaurant features healthy eats in a clean, posh setting.

La Pequena Colombia Bakery & Restaurant

Arguably the most Colombian of the Colombian restaurants, you can find all the classic breakfasts (and lunches) at La Pequena Colombia, including pastries.

Arepa Magnet Plus

Venezuelan arepas and a mix of Venezuelan and Colombian empanadas are all the rage at this quaint, yet very popular breakfast spot.

Las Rikuras de Weston

Authentic Latin food, including bakery items.

Pan Pan Ya

Another Colombian restaurant where you can find pan de bono, eggs, pan de yuca, and other baked items.

El Colombiano

Offering Colombian comfort food.

Cafe Canela

Family owned restaurant offering Venezuelan and Latin dishes.

As always, this list of Weston breakfast restaurants is subject to change.  I’ll do my best to keep up with new restaurants that open, but always feel free to add a comment below.

Chris is a Midwest Transplant that has lived in South Florida since 1999. While he likes to remain active and is an avid sports enthusiast, he's become our go-to provider of reviews of any establishment serving food and booze!

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