I’ll be honest, I don’t go to the gym as often as I should. So when I sign up for a gym membership, I’m looking for a cheap, no frills gym that gets the job done but doesn’t break the bank and I don’t feel so guilty when I don’t use it too often. I found that at YouFit Weston.

YouFit Weston Review

I found that and more here in Weston (though I think it’s technically a Sunrise address) with their YouFit health club. It’s pretty much behind the AMC Weston 8 Theater, near where Indian Trace crosses over 75. The things that brought me through the door — the convenience of it, being just a few miles from my house, as well as their pricing. I signed up for a $10/month no contract membership that I can cancel at any time and it’s not costing me too much, pennies a day.

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Use this link to join YouFit for No Money Down!

There is an initial sign-up fee (unless you use the link above – the fine folks at YouFit were kind enough to give a special to our readers), I can’t remember exactly but it was around $20-$30, and after that there is just your monthly cost. There is also a premium membership for around $20 per month which gets you access to all their group classes (yoga, body sculpt, stuff like that) and also enables you to visit any of their locations. With my $10 membership, I can only visit the gym that I enrolled at, but I don’t see myself ever visiting another location while I’m out on the road nor do I plan on using their classes, so the basic membership was all I needed.

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Now for just $10 per month you know you can’t expect a whole lot of amenities, but you know what you are paying for when you sign up here. You won’t find a pool, or a sauna or steam room or basketball courts or massage appointments. You’re not going to get that at YouFit Weston for this price.

But what you do get is a great place to workout if you’re just looking for a basic gym. They have a full assortment of free weights, exercise machines, treadmills, stationary bikes, and all the other exercise equipment that you would expect at a gym. They also have a room for group classes as mentioned above, though I have never utilized it.

If you have kids, there’s also a child care center behind the front desk so you can bring them with you and they’ll be entertained while you work out. It’s not a need for me, as I am childless, but I figure that is a nice perk if you have children and it keeps you from visiting the gym.

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Upstairs there are locker rooms and while they aren’t fancy, they get the job done. There’s plenty of lockers (you must take your lock with you when you leave, any locks left on overnight are cut) as well as showering facilities. Nothing more than that, but they serve their purpose for a no-frills gym like this.

All in all, considering my gym habits (or lack thereof), this was the perfect place for me to sign up. It has everything I need when I want to go there, and I don’t have to worry about not getting my money’s worth when it’s not costing me a whole lot each month. If this sounds like your mentality too, visit the link below to find a YouFit location near you.


15451 SW 13th Lane
Sunrise, FL 33326
(954) 915-0080

Join YouFit Now – Enrollment Fee Waived!

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