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If you are into your fitness (and you should be), you’ll want to jump aboard the hottest trend in cardio – indoor cycling.  For those of you who enjoy spinning classes, this is right up your alley.  In fact, it’s the next generation of spinning, and something I’ve personally added to my workout routine at least twice per week.

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The Cycle Bar in Davie – Full Review

If you want to sign up for cycle classes in Davie, simply login to their website and view the cycling schedule.  You’ll find themes, instructor names, and the entire class schedule.  This can be done easily from any internet connection you have.  Simply login, select a time that works for you, and pick a bike.  You can sit in front, back, on the sides, wherever you want.  It’s your ride, enjoy it how you want to.

The studio offers cycle shoes in all sizes and they will be waiting for you in a cubby hole.  Lockers are provided and are 100% free.  Water is also abundant, as well as water bottles, in case your forget yours.  So far, what is there not to like?

But wait, you need to freshen up prior to taking your ride up and down mountains, listening to music of your choice (depending on the theme of the class), so you visit one of their three restrooms.  You’ll find everything you need here to keep fresh and sanitary.  This is NOT your average gym.  This is kept to the ultimate standard of cleanliness and everything is in order.

So let’s backpedal.  You visited the app, signed up for a class, showed up, checked in, found your shoes waiting for you, a locker for your valuables, and a very clean, well appointed bathroom.  You have a cold water in a Cycle Bar water bottle, and you are ready to ride.

Everything is perfect and you haven’t even done your work out yet.  This is the fun part!  The part where you can exert as much energy as you want to in the fifty minute class, doing sprints, hill climbs, and flat road terrain while listening to music and at the guidance of an instructor.  In certain classes, you’ll even have music videos playing.  There is so much variety at this spinning studio that you will always have a new experience each and every time you ride.

The Cycle Bar makes every workout a complete luxury experience.  It’s like you are treated to your own concierge service once you walk in the door.

My favorite part of the experience is the board with all the statistics that let you know how you are doing.  Everything from your power, to your RPM’s, to an algorithm that awards you a score for your performance is right above you.  The studio is complete with a very high tech theater like sound system, massive video screens, and enhanced lighting.

Most riders are said to burn about 500 to 700 calories per class.  I’ve finished between 650 and 1,000 in the 20 or so rides I’ve done at the Davie location.

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