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This shop location in Weston used to be the home of Udder Sweets, an ice cream parlor (along with bulk candy) and I loved taking my nephew here all the time for a treat. Like so many tenants in Weston Town Center, they eventually closed their doors and we were pretty bummed that we had lost such a convenient place to go get some ice cream.

In came Hoffman’s Chocolates in its place. I can’t remember exactly when it opened but for no particular reason I never visited their shop yet, so I decided to check it out last week and see what kind of treats they have.

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Hoffman’s Chocolates Weston Review

The first thing I noticed is that there is still ice cream! While the former tenant used to be about ice cream, with candy on the side, the roles are reversed at Hoffman’s. There is a huge display of freshly baked chocolate delicacies and I couldn’t decide what I wanted. Everything looked delicious.

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There were so many options and they all looked so good, so I asked the girl behind the counter what I should get. I was looking for something for my ex-girlfriend on this particular visit and she recommended their chocolate roses. If I hadn’t just bought her some flowers at Forget Me Not Flowershop that very day, I would have done that, so I asked what else she recommended. I ended up getting a nice little box of European chocolates and they were delicious. I forgot to take a picture before we ate them all up, so I’ll have to do that next time!

On a subsequent visit, I took my ex with me as we were craving some ice cream. We just had dinner and beers at the Weston Duffy’s and were in the mood for dessert and we were walking distance from Hoffman’s. There aren’t as many ice cream options as there were at Udder Sweets, but you’ll be able to find something you like. I got a strawberry shake and she got a cup of ice cream of one of their chocolate varieties and we loved both.


Since we were in a chocolate store, we couldn’t walk out empty-handed without some chocolate. The gentleman behind the counter said they had fresh chocolate covered strawberries (available every Thursday, and Thursday only – that’s why they’re so fresh!) and we were sold. We got a box of six of them and they were all gone before we knew it. Just like with the previous chocolates, I forgot to take a picture before they were devoured. They were deliciously fresh and so good. I will definitely be making a note to visit there again on a Thursday.

Between the chocolates, the strawberries, and the ice cream, we haven’t had a bad visit yet to Hoffman’s Chocolates in Weston and I’m glad I finally gave it a try. I love having it so close and will surely not be a stranger there in the future! Definitely, give it a try if you’re looking for a nice treat when in the Weston Town Center area.


1727 Main St
Weston, FL 33326
(954) 660-0575

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