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I had never visited a dermatologist before. I just never had any ailments in the past that would lead me to go to one, and I’m a pretty casual, comfortable in my own skin (pun intended) kind of person that I would never get any special treatments to look younger.

But a couple things happened lately that caused me to make my first appointment. First, I’ve had a recurring bout of what I believed to be seborrheic dermatitis where my skin would flare up with flaky, white crust with burning redness underneath when scraped off. It affected my goatee area, my eyebrows, and got real flaky in my ears. It came and went and I did my own Googling and had been trying to fight it with what I found on the internet like cortisone creams and Lotrimin.

The other reason, and the more important reason, is my mother was diagnosed with skin cancer in the past year and had to have two growths removed. With that diagnosis, her doctor recommended that her sons get a full body check just to see if there’s anything abnormal that needed to be looked at. Say no more, I’m going to a dermatologist.

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Dr. Gregg Wilentz Dermatologist Review

I had no idea what to look for in a dermatologist so I consulted the Weston Facebook group I belong to and asked around. There were a number of recommendations thrown my way, but there was a sizeable contingent touting Dr. Gregg Wilentz at Weston Cosmetics and Dermatology. I called their office and, expecting to get scheduled for some far off date, was pleased to get an appointment within a few days.

This morning, as of the time of this writing, I had my appointment and I couldn’t be more pleased. The office was very easy to find, in the Windmill Professional Campus with a lot of the other medical practices in Weston on the south side of Royal Palm Boulevard between Bonaventure and Weston Road. I checked in and was given some forms to fill out since it was my first visit and took a seat in the very nice waiting room to get those taken care of.

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After all of that was finished I was seen immediately. I was taken to a room behind the front desk and was asked a few questions by his assistant about what brought me to his office and then was given a gown to change into before Dr. Wilentz came to see me.

As soon as he entered I knew I’d like him. Dr. Wilentz is very friendly and attentive and knowledgeable about all things skin related. I showed him the pathology reports from my mom’s care and he gave it a look and knew the full story and what to look for. He gave me a full body check and, GOOD NEWS, I have nothing to worry about. Phew! He then took a look at my face and immediately knew what I had without me having to explain any further (even though my recent flare-up had subsided by the time of my appointment) and gave me a prescription to take to Pill Box in Weston for some cream.

All in all, I knew I wanted a dermatologist that was knowledgeable, friendly and offered quick service. I found all those things with Dr. Gregg Wilentz Dermatology in Weston and know where to go if I have the need in the future. Highly recommended, and thank you to my fellow Westonites for pointing me in his direction.


17170 Royal Palm Blvd.
Weston, FL 33326
(954) 349-3376

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