Flow IV Infusion Therapy Review

Ever wake up feeling like crap after a night of heavy drinking?  Do you ever wish there was a way you could bounce back so you could attack life the next day without the groggy hangover or helpless feeling?  Whether you live in South Florida or are just visiting, Flow IV has an IV drip that can help you bounce back and feel great again.  Today I’m going to share my Flow IV review and tell you about the services this mobile IV company in South Florida offers.

What is IV Therapy?

When people get dehydrated and brought to the emergency room, the first thing they do is make sure they have all the nutrients they need to recover.  Fortunately, you can save yourself an ambulance ride and get the same treatment for dehydration in the comfort of your own home or office from Flow IV Therapy.  Getting an IV drip can replenish your body with the nutrients it needs to recover so you feel your best.


Let me get into my personal experience with Flow IV…..

I was in the Midwest seeing family for a week and capped off the trip with a very fun-filled wedding.  I think back on the week of fried food, shots, craft beer, and old fashioneds and just cringe.  Returning to South Florida was a very harsh flight filled with anxiety, sweats, and a feeling of complete fatness.  I was supposed to work Monday morning and returning on a Sunday night gave me very little time to bounce back and attack the week.

I searched in Google for “best mobile IV company in Broward county” and came across Flow IV therapy.  I entered my information and by the time I landed had a message in my inbox asking when I’d like the treatment.  The very next morning, at 8 AM, the mobile IV unit was at my house and ready to administer the therapy.  I filled out some quick intake forms and the administrator went to work giving me the ultimate hangover cure.

The Hair of the Dog IV Drip

The hair of the dog was the IV recommended, and I didn’t take that lightly.  I needed to get back to myself and feel good again, so I instantly obliged and had a very softly inserted needle in my arm within 10 minutes of their arrival.  About an hour later, they were done.

I felt refreshed.  Rejuvenated.  Like myself again!  

Here’s what the IV drip stated it would do.  (And it did, within minutes!)

  • Relieves Nausea

  • Anti-Inflammatory (Headache)

  • Relieves Heartburn

  • Increases Energy Levels

  • Restores Hydration

And here is the full ingredient list of that drip:

(B12, B Complex, Zinc, Magnesium, Ondansetron, Famotidine, Ketorolac, Sodium Chloride 1L)

Drips Offered by Flow IV

Mind you, this company isn’t just in the hangover business, it’s in the overall wellness business.  They offer the following drips, each with their own individual goals and outcomes:

  • Weight Loss drip
  • Strength IV Drip + Lipo B Injection
  • Natures Defense
  • Prime
  • Glow
  • Strength
  • Myer’s Cocktail
  • Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide
  • Pre / Post Surgery drips
  • Tummy Bug
  • “My Aunt’s in Town” – relieves cramping and pain
  • Regenerate
  • Glutathione Infusion
  • The Pregame
  • Sickle Cell Anemia

And much more.  Being on a monthly drip has been something I cut out a budget for in 2023, and it’s made me feel incredible so far this year.  I highly recommend it. If you are in Broward County, the visit is absolutely FREE.  Just pay for your drip.  There is a $45 charge for Dade and Palm Beach county visits.

Flow IV Therapy Reviews

A quick visit to their Google reviews shows me I’m not the only person who is a fan of this company.  Have a look at their profile and you’ll see that they have many satisfied customers who have left glowing reviews.

Flow IV Contact Information

Website:  https://www.flowiv.co/

Phone:  (954) 546-3905

Chris is a Midwest Transplant that has lived in South Florida since 1999. While he likes to remain active and is an avid sports enthusiast, he's become our go-to provider of reviews of any establishment serving food and booze!

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