Florida Woman Finds Iguana in Her Toilet

In today’s edition of “only in Florida,” a woman was surprised to arrive in her bathroom and find an uninvited guest.

According to a story I read on Yahoo!, Hollywood resident Michelle Reynolds was stated saying that she went to make a snack downstairs and after she started the microwave to make popcorn she encountered an iguana in her bathroom.

After quickly shutting the door, she had to contact Harold Rondon, who works for wildlife removal service Iguana Lifestyles.  Rondon’s task was to safely remove the iguana from the bathroom as he was trapped and could not get out.

iguana in toilet

Rondon stated that he’s had to come remove many iguanas from properties around South Florida in 2022.  He said that the iguana removed from Reynold’s home was a Mexican spiny tail iguana.  In this breed of iguanas, the males can get up to 18 inches long with tails that can become 18 inches as well.

“He took up most of the toilet bowl,” said Reynolds.  

While iguanas are not native to South Florida, they are very common.  If you travel to golf courses you’ll see them about everywhere, and areas like Hollywood, Davie, and Weston that are near the Everglades are havens for iguanas due to the amount of unused land in those areas.

People started bringing iguanas to the are as pets around the 1960’s, when it’s believed that some were either let go or simply escaped.  While iguanas are not dangerous to humans, they can transmit salmonella.

Iguana Removal South Florida

If you have a problem with an iguana and need to have them removed professionally, here are some contacts we found that can help you safely remove iguanas from your home.  

Redline Iguana Removal 

(954) 842-3051

South Florida Elite Iguana Removal

(954) 842-3051

Iguana Lifestyles

(786) 320 -1887

Iguana Control

(954) 842-3051

Stay safe out there, and remember that they are mostly harmless but can be dangerous if handled as they can spread salmonella.



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