Florida Vacations

Many people choose Florida as their go-to place for vacationing, which has turned this state into one of the biggest tourist centers in America. However, there are too many things to do in Florida, so how can you choose where to go?

That’s why you should read this entire article, as we’re going to give you a guide on the best places you can find in the state, so you enjoy your Florida vacation without worrying about anything.

Vacation Rentals

The first step you should take when you decide to go on vacation is finding a good rental, but sometimes this is also the harder step as not all rentals fit your current needs. Perhaps you can’t find a reliable one, or all of them are out of your budget. Don’t worry about those things anymore; just check out the following rental websites.

Florida Rentals

In Florida Rentals, you can find properties from all over the state at the lowest prices on the market. Moreover, you can save up to 15%, as you aren’t going to get charged with any booking or service fees, and you can talk directly with the establishment’s owners.


Rentals can help you save several hundred dollars in hotel expenses, especially if you’re traveling in a large group. Moreover, in VRBO, you can find thousands of properties in Florida that are sure to fit your budget and provide you with a comfortable roof over your head. You can even find rentals near the airport or any other tourist attraction you may visit during your time in Florida.


Finally, the last rental website on our list is VACASA, which is sure to offer rentals that suit your needs and provide a wonderful vacation. Moreover, you get to choose between a beach house, condo, or vacation rental, depending on the experience you want to have.

Vacation on the Beach

Florida is extremely well known for being an outstanding destination due to its beautiful beaches and tropical weather. However, some beaches stand out over others, and the following list is meant to help you decide the best place for your summer vacation.

Panama City Beach

Panama city beach is the third-best beach in the United States, and it has a vast amount of travel packages that you can choose from. On this beach, you’re going to see a new experience on every corner, as it has several tourist attractions, such as music festivals, restaurants, souvenir shops, etc.

Fort Lauderdale

If you’re looking for a fantastic destination with hundreds of miles of beautiful beaches, Fort Lauderdale is the one for you. More than 12,000 people visit this city every year due to the versatility of its tourist attractions, as you can do anything you want, even if that is laying down with an umbrella and resting all day.  Right outside Fort Lauderdale is one of the best shopping centers in the state of Florida, the Sawgrass Mills shopping center.

Daytona Beach

This Florida beach is another excellent place to go if you want to experience a real adventure. In this destination, you’re going to enjoy beautiful and fresh beaches, restaurants with the best seafood, and fun activities such as hiking, biking, and golfing.

Vacations for Family

Although Florida is perfect for people of all ages, not all destinations in the state are family-friendly, which is why if you’re planning to travel with your kids, you must first investigate the places you can go to. Moreover, you’re going to discover that several areas are perfect for your kids to play and enjoy summer family time.

Best Vacations for Families

The sunshine state is filled with theme parks such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, but you can also find more relaxing destinations that fit your budget. Keep reading to find out which ones are our favorites.


If your kids are dying to go to a popular theme park, downtown Orlando is the best place for you. You can stay in a luxury hotel while your kids enjoy all the incredible rollercoasters and other entertainment attractions in this tropical paradise.

Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island is an excellent option if your children are more the type to go snorkeling and enjoy physical activities such as hiking and biking. They can run around and have fun creating adventures on this island. At the same time, you can lay down and rest at the beach.

Vacations All-inclusive

Nobody wants to worry about their money during their trips, and doing your own accountability can get complicated when you have to arrange everything. Having to pay for a hotel, a rental car, food, and everything else is quite tiring, so finding all-included resorts can make your vacation a lot better.

All-inclusive Vacations

All-included vacation packages aren’t rare, but you need to spend a few hours looking for them if you want to land a good deal. However, if you can’t get your hands on one that fits your budget, you can still get an “almost all included” package, as these are still pretty solid deals that take some weight off your shoulders.

Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, Little Torch Key

If you’re looking for an exclusive trip, this island can give you exciting surprises. This destination is famous for being the go-to place for several A-class celebrities. It is an incredible place if you’re planning to go on a dopamine detox, as the hotel eliminates all electronic devices that could interfere with your peace.

Club Med Sandpiper Bay, Port St. Lucie

Do you want to have an all-included trip with your family? Then Club Med is the place to go, as you can enjoy all types of activities so no one is ever bored during your time there. It even has a kid’s club where your little ones can have fun while you relax and take some time off at the adults-only pool.

Cheap Vacations All-inclusive

Although all-included packages are great, we know you don’t want to spend all your money on just a trip. Therefore, we also included some more affordable hotels in this article so anyone can enjoy de beauty of visiting Florida.

Bungalows Key Largo

This adults-only resort is the perfect place to help you relax and disconnect from your regular corporate routine. You can choose to de-stress at the spa and indulge in the Himalayan salt room, or if you’re a more active person, you can participate in the water sports such as snorkeling and kayaking with manatees.  You can also continue your journey down the keys to the next big key, Key Largo.  We recommend you check out the Postcard Inn.

LEGOLAND Hotels, Orlando

However, we know you would also appreciate a kid-friendly option, so we brought you LEGOLAND Hotels, which are sure to make your children think they’re in a movie throughout the entire time you stay there. Moreover, you can also have fun at the theme parks and see how your children enjoy all the fun lego attractions.

All-inclusive Vacations with Airfare

In some rare cases, you may even find packages that include airfare. If you’re lucky enough to find these deals, you may eliminate a substantial financial weight off your shoulders. Therefore, we brought you a couple of places where you can sit back and enjoy your day after only one transaction.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, Orlando

Walt Disney World is one of the main reasons why travelers decide to take a Florida vacation in the first place. Moreover, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is incredible if you love wild animals and wish to get a closer look at them while remaining completely safe. These deals are usually also available at Walt Disney World Dolphin in Lake Buena Vista.

Holiday Inn Resort Panama City Beach

If you’re more into aquatic adventures, the Holiday Inn Resort at Panama City Beach is going to be a paradise for you. You can have fun at its pools while also getting a spa treatment. Moreover, it has a lazy river where you can just lay down and let the water take the lead.

Cheap Vacations

Most of the places in this article are relatively expensive but completely worth the money. However, you can still visit Florida while adjusting to your budget, so we added this section of incredible destinations that you have no excuse not to visit.

Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach is super famous due to being a go-to destination for many families in America. Still, you would probably be surprised to figure out you can visit and stay there for a relatively low price. You can sunbathe in its beautiful sand and see all the breathtaking views of Cocoa Village. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about hotels, as you can find all types of rentals that are sure to fit any budget.

Everglades National Park

The Everglades National Park has earned the title of being one of the best natural reserves in America. It is the only place where you can safely see many tropical species, such as crocodiles. This wildlife sanctuary is an acclaimed tourist center, as it has several activities that people can do, such as kayaking and hiking.

Everglades National Park

Key West, FL Vacation

Key West is one of America’s most popular tourist sites, as it is located at its southernmost point and has a rich culture filled with colors, history, and wonderful locations. Moreover, one of the best things about this place is the gastronomy, as you can go to all types of restaurants and shops with the best American food you’re ever going to taste.

In addition, it also has several museums that you can visit to learn local American history and learn what turned this place into what it is today. This is a place that’s never going to make you feel bored, as you can also take tours around the city, starting at its famous cemetery with publicly displayed tombs that amaze tourists with their witty remarks such as “I told you, I was sick.”

Best Florida Vacation Packages

We’ve already mentioned several vacation packages on this list. Still, after a thorough analysis and understanding of which places give the best benefits to their users, we determined the following packages are the best ones for your Florida vacation.

However, feel free to test it out for yourself and tell us which destinations work better for you.

Tradewinds Island Grand Resort

This incredibly fantastic resort is one of the biggest in Florida. It has 31 acres of wonderful beaches. Moreover, it allows you to participate in several activities such as waterslides, snorkeling, and other water sports that can help you stay active throughout your time there. It even features an only children section where your children can play while you receive a full spa session and drink piña coladas.

Club Med Sandpiper Bay

Club Med is a place made to cater to all families and give maximum relaxation and fun during their trips. If you want to be only 10 minutes away from the Atlantic Ocean and be able to jump into the coast whenever you want, this hotel is made precisely for you.

Moreover, its wide rooms can fit a family of four people and still be as comfortable as if you were alone. However, you can connect several rooms for extra comfort if you have larger groups.

Club Med Sandpiper Bay

Vacations for Couples

The sunshine state is also great if you’re planning a romantic getaway with your partner or significant other. However, you may want something more unique than Disneyworld, so we recommend that you keep reading, as we gathered the best destinations for the hopeless romantic of the world.

Best Vacations for couples

Traveling with your partner is a magical experience. Whether it is your anniversary or simply a spontaneous trip, you want it to be as memorable as your first date. If that’s your case, please keep reading; your partner is going to thank you for it.

St. Augustine

Romantic getaways level up in St. Augustine, especially for those lovers who like to learn about the history and culture of the places they go. You can visit this ancient city’s famous Castillo de San Marcos, a national monument created in the 17th century.

After that, you can go to the Old Jail and the Ponce de Leon’s Fountain, which is rumored to have anti-aging water, so if you feel like lengthening your youth, then you can always take a sip from it with your partner. However, you don’t have to go on this adventure on your own, as there are several available tours for you to take.

The Don CeSar: St. Pete Beach

If you and your partner are hopeless romantics and want to ignite the flame of your relationship, St. Pete Beach is the perfect place for doing so. This is one of Florida’s best beaches, and you can stay at The Don CeSar, a themed hotel where most couples go to elope due to its romantic aesthetic and vintage vibes, as it is based on the 1920s.

You can take a look at this aesthetic in all the rooms of this hotel, especially its bar, which serves a wide variety of romantic drinks. Moreover, you can have a cute and loving dinner at the Maritana and end your day cuddling your date under the light of the stars.

St. Pete Beach

Florida Vacations 2022

Although you can visit Florida all year long, there are certain times of the year when it is much more interesting to go. We want you to experience the fantastic attractions during these months, so keep reading and don’t miss out on them.

Vacations in December

Many people visit Florida in December because there’s snow everywhere in moth states of America, and sometimes people want to enjoy their winter break in the sun. If this sounds great to you, in Florida, you’re going to see several festivals and Christmas-themed attractions for you to enjoy with friends or family.

Vacations in February

Moreover, suppose you decide to visit Florida in February. In that case, you are also going to find incredible places to go, such as the Florida Keys, Universal Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Daytona Beach, the Miami Beach Boardwalk, and the Marriott Miami Aventura Mall.

Vacations in March

Spring break is here, which means that tourist places like Florida get extremely busy. However, it is the perfect moment for you to enjoy everything this state offers, such as Disneyworld, downtown Miami, and several theme parks.

Vacations in January

January is one of the best months of the year to visit Florida, as the volume of tourists tends to go down, and you can enjoy a peaceful weekend getaway or a fun couple of days at palm beach. Moreover, the weather is excellent, as it is a bit chillier than the rest of the year, but you still get a fair amount of sunny days.

Bottom Line

Now you know everything you need to have the best vacation of your life in Florida. The only thing left to do is make a reservation and book a flight towards your next favorite place in the world.

If you want to learn more about trips in the United States, please check out our page and find out all the fantastic deals and destinations you can have. There’s nothing better than traveling the world!

Chris is a Midwest Transplant that has lived in South Florida since 1999. While he likes to remain active and is an avid sports enthusiast, he's become our go-to provider of reviews of any establishment serving food and booze!

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