Florida Re-Opening Plan Coming Today

According to Fox35Orlando, the Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, is going to unveil his plans for re-opening the State of Florida today.  After a meeting with President Donald Trump, the Governor said that it’s going to be a “small step,” but at that, he’s going to announce a plan today to set parameters for that small step.

We’re going to approach [the re-opening] in a very measured, thoughtful, data driven way and I think that’s what most of the folks throughout the state are looking for,

-Governor Ron DeSantis

Florida to Re-Open in Three Phase Plan

There is a Re-Open Florida Task Force that has provided recommendations to the Governor as to how he should direct re-opening the state, but that plan has not yet been made public.  In previous announcements, the Governor has said that the state will open in a three phase plan, from short, to medium, and then finally, long term.

Don’t expect sports to come screaming back or large crowd’s being able to gather together.  I wouldn’t expect we get to enjoy the luxuries we know like strolling through Sawgrass Mills Mall, or of course, enjoying the lovely Florida Beaches.

Sawgrass Miami

One thing that will be able to resume shortly is elective surgeries, according to the article.  This will make many Miami women looking to get plastic surgery very, very happy.

Of course, anything that does open will be looked at from a perspective of keeping social distancing in place.  There will also be items in place to test sanitation of offices, as well as screenings of anyone allowed to enter publicly accessible buildings.  Things will look and feel different for a while when things do open back up.

As of the time I’m writing this, Florida had a reported 30,000 cases of the coronavirus, and about 1,200 deaths, according to the Florida Department of Health.

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