Florida Man Accused of Hiding Camera in Public Beach Bathroom

Normally the dreamy beach town of Sanibel is a very safe place.  Enter Dana Alan Caruso, a man who is being accused of installing a camera in a public restroom that services the beach on Sanibel Island.  Apparently the hidden camera was live and recording.

Apparently the camera looks eerily close to a fire alarm.  It was discovered by a maintenance worker on July 28, according to the NY Post.

Dana Alan Caruso Mugshot

dana alan caruso mugshot
Photo Credit: NYPost


A search warrant was obtained by Sanibel police and after closely looking at the “alarm,” a camera was found on the inside.  Somehow, they made a connection from this device to Caruso, who was eventually found in Chicago on the 19 of August.

The police report went on to say that multiple people were being recorded upon entering the bathroom and they have requested that anyone who was in attendance at Bowman’s Beach reach out to them if they feel they were victims of this scheme.

We would like to identify victims of this crime so additional charges against the suspect can be considered,

-Sanibel Police Chief William Dalton

Chief Dalton also made it clear to other departments in surrounding communities to investigate their restrooms on their beaches to see if there may be any other lingering devices.

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