Know the Best Restaurants Near Cleveland Clinic, Weston, FL

If you’re in Weston, FL, and want to know how to find the best restaurants near Cleveland Clinic, you’ve come to the right place! In this review, there’s detailed information about the most recommended places to eat if you live there and are hungry. Are you ready to discover them? Keep reading!

Top 3 Best Restaurants in the Cleveland Clinic

While there are plenty of restaurants where you can experience new bold flavors, eat the most delicious fast food, try gluten-free dishes, or just buy some fresh veggies, these are the best three options you can find near Cleveland Clinic Hospital, Florida.

#1 Sufrat Mediterranean Grill: Where You Can Find Good Food

Sufrat Mediterranean Grill

This sophisticated restaurant offers a delicious variety of dishes inspired by Arabic cuisine.

If you want to try the most delicious Mediterranean mouth-watering flavors, Sufrat’s food is for you! Its menu includes various Arabic dishes, but its best-sellers are chicken shawarma, gyro platter, and Sufrat mix grill.

#2 Zaika Weston: Great Service and Warm Atmosphere

Zaika Weston

Zaika Weston is another fantastic restaurant in the Cleveland Clinic, Florida, that you must visit. It offers an authentic menu that combines the best traditional and modern dishes of Indian cuisine.

The restaurant’s renowned chefs have worked at places such as the Taj Mahal hotel in India, bringing exotic yet exquisite Indian dishes to Florida.

Their menu includes standout items such as chicken tikka, malai kabab, lamb seekh kabab, and lamb chop masala.

#3 Lucille’s American Cafe: The Best One If You Like Fresh-baked Bread

Lucille's American Cafe

If you are looking for a place to have breakfast or brunch, Lucille’s American Cafe is ideal for you! This restaurant has talented sandwich artists that offer delicious varieties for the most hungry diners. There, you can find a classic sandwich with fries, sweet milkshakes, and salads.

Lucille’s American Cafe has a breakfast menu, a brunch menu, a dinner menu, and a dessert menu. It also offers a wide selection of wines and beers, and is open on the weekends for those who don’t feel like cooking!

Other Restaurants Near Cleveland Clinic You Should Know

In addition to the most popular restaurants in the top three, there are other options to consider when visiting Weston and you’re near the Cleveland Clinic. Some are:

Phat Boy Sushi, Kitchen & Bar

If you are looking for a sushi bar, this is the option you should choose! Phat Boy Sushi is a restaurant that offers Japanese food with a modern twist. Diners can explore its popular selection of ramen dishes, sushi varieties, beers, cocktails, and more!

Subway Cleveland Clinic Hospital

Although this is not a very risky option, it’s a safe bet for those looking for the same old fast-food flavors. The local Weston Subway is one of the most popular places to eat.

People rave about the black forest ham sandwich, a classic with spinach, lettuce, cucumbers, green peppers, and red onions on a bed of thin slices of ham. There’s also the Genoa salami, a nice selection for those who prefer protein choices.

Those looking for sandwiches with fresh-cut veggies, delicious dressings, and warm bread cannot miss this restaurant if they’re in Weston.

Do you want something sweet? Don’t forget cookies! Subway also has delicious treats on its menu! Also, it offers convenient delivery, or you can come into your neighborhood shop if you prefer an in-restaurant meal.

Poke Ramen Asian Soul Kitchen

Another option for Chinese food lovers is Poke Ramen Asian Soul Kitchen. It specializes in fresh Poke bowls, sushi, and authentic Japanese ramen.

Poke Ramen Asian Soul Kitchen is a nice place to go with relatives or friends, especially if you are willing to live a new cultural experience.

Bocas House Weston

Another restaurant where you can discover excellent dishes and combinations is Bocas House Weston! It has daily specials for those who want to save a little, but it offers an extensive menu with delicacies inspired by Latin cuisine.

Crazy Fish Miami

Do you like seafood? You’ll love Crazy Fish Miami. It offers Happy Hour Specials and $12 lunch specials for those who want a delicious meal at a good price.

Although it focuses on seafood, you can find some twisted delicacies such as seafood pizzas and burgers. Its satisfied guests say this is one of the funniest restaurants near Cleveland Clinic, Florida!

Really, most restaurants in Weston are within 5-7 miles of the Cleveland Clinic.  You can’t go wrong with any of the Weston Italian restaurants, but you will be hard pressed to find good Mexican food in Weston.

Final Thoughts: Which Is the Best Restaurant Near Cleveland Clinic, Florida?

What do you think? There’s a huge selection of restaurants here! After checking each option, you may wonder which one is the best. However, you should keep in mind that it’s up to you!

You can go to Subway if you want to try one of their famous footlongs or find another restaurant that covers your catering needs for special events. Whether you’re looking for one option or another, there’s a special restaurant at 2950 Cleveland Clinic Blvd waiting for you.

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