Anonymous Florida LLC – How to Form for Double Privacy

A limited liability company (LLC) that does not disclose the names or addresses of its actual members or administrators is known as an anonymous LLC. It is not a separate category of corporate law. Instead, it is a situation in which the Secretary of State for the state does not publish or demand to provide the genuine names and contact details of an LLC’s owners.

Forming an anonymous LLC in Florida offers the benefits of keeping personal information private, gaining potential tax advantages, and leveraging the credibility of an anonymous LLC.

The anonymous Florida LLC company of Sunshine Corporate filings offers several LLC services as a registered agent service in Florida.

How Does Sunshine Filings LLC Execute an Anonymous Florida LLC?

Everyone must designate a Florida registered agent when they establish a Florida LLC or a Florida corporation in order to accept service of process, legal notices, and other official state paperwork for the company.

This Florida LLC company helps promptly transfer any significant legal or state documents to your business.

Mailing Address

Mailing Address

Businesses can list the service’s address as the postal address for their Florida company. In addition, when an individual signs up for their $35 Florida registered agent service, they give the person a free option for limited mail forwarding.

Please note that this free address is only used for privacy when submitting public documents.

Principle Address

Although it is not uncommon for a registered agent service to charge extra for listing their address on a company’s formation paperwork, this service is free with Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC in Florida. This helps companies stay anonymous while filing for an anonymous Florida LLC.

Business Entity Address

Most businesses relocate over time, which might result in expensive updates with the Florida Division of Corporations if they act as their own Florida registered agent. No matter how frequently the company moves, Sunshine Filings can provide a reliable business address.

Mail Forwarding

Mail Forwarding

Receiving mail is an essential part that an anonymous LLC business needs and this company provides in-state transfer in its three premium packages that start at $35. In addition, Sunshine Filings houses a mail forwarding center that other businesses can use to form an anonymous LLC.

Their Deluxe and Premium mail forwarding packages include a unique suite number for the company, which offers several benefits such as:

  • Florida phone service
  • An office lease
  • Twenty-five mails are physically transferred annually
  • Limitless opened and scanned mail

Florida Double LLC

The Florida double LLC is a unique innovation in Florida business privacy. This double company strategy prevents the company from appearing in public records. It’s the closest thing to setting up an anonymous LLC in Florida when combined with the free usage of a Florida business address.

Traditional anonymous LLCs will not protect the identity because they will publicly display the articles of the organization and its annual report. A New Mexico double LLC from a Mexico LLC formation service solves this problem by providing two LLCs that manage each other and offer asset protection.

How Does a Registered Agent Service Work for a Florida LLC?

Registered Agent Service

A double limited liability company strategy helps create anonymous LLCs for legitimate business owners in places that don’t seem to permit them. Although the method was initially developed in Florida, the same idea can be used everywhere.

The agents provide nominee services to New Mexico LLC companies in those states still demanding a manager sign documents. They receive services of process, legal notices, and other official state mail for a company at their registered office in Florida.

Afterward, the agents provide those documents to the new Florida LLC company, either electronically by uploading them to the client account or physically via mail.

The most important legal documents that the anonymous New Mexico LLC business will ever receive are sent to and handled by the Florida registered agent. Therefore, businesses can rest easy knowing that if their company is ever sued, they’ll have a Florida registered agent with the techniques and the know-how to get their important documents to them in the shortest time.

In essence, the agents scan and upload any legal notices or other official papers for anonymous New Mexico LLC to their online account and alert them as soon as they arrive.

Florida LLC Privacy

Anyone in Florida can quickly search the Florida Division of Corporations public records to find out who owns a Florida company. The results of this search would include the name and address provided on the documents used to incorporate the company and the member data provided on the annual report that a company files each year.

There is no other way for a business to disclose this information if it decides to create an LLC independently and act as its registered agent. The entire personally-identifying data of the owner is available to the public. This can be avoided by using a professional formation service to set up a private company.

How to Form an Anonymous Florida LLC

The first step after creating a double LLC with a registered agent service is registering in the Secretary of state’s office. Any agency with which a business registers a new Florida business address is called a subniz. One thing to remember here is that the annual report and bylaws are available to the public. This is the reason a professional Mexico LLC formation service is employed.

These are the general steps to register a new Florida business address anonymously:

  • There will be a list of the Florida Limited Liability company’s owners. The anonymous Wyoming LLC is listed here as the Florida LLC’s owner.
  • Agencies will appoint a Wyoming LLC manager to give legal or tax advice and help in asset protection.
  • To form an anonymous New Mexico LLC, the agency will sign as the organization in the articles of organization and the annual reports.

Following the guidelines above results in an anonymous company that does not contain any of the personal information in the annual report. Both the Florida Secretary’s website and the annual report will only display information about the anonymous company in Florida.

LLC companies in New Mexico are private by default. The New Mexico anonymous LLC’s organizer is the only thing the secretary of state is interested in knowing. Only one incorporator needs to be listed for corporations.

Since the agency pays the state, the money trail will return to them. This benefits the company since it eliminates the compromise of yet another significant piece of information.

What Is a Double LLC?

One way to conceptualize a Double LLC is as a holding company and its subsidiary setup. The formation of an anonymous LLC will be permitted in a state that would not otherwise let it because of this structuring. This method is used by clients who value privacy and wish to protect their personal information entirely.

A firm that owns another might seem like a strange business model when the person first considers it. However, it is a standard procedure in the business world. Companies own smaller businesses, which in turn own other businesses, and so forth. It is a valid and entirely legal strategy that can help businesses minimize taxes, safeguard their assets, and keep their information secret.

This anonymous LLC strategy that ensures privacy and security is simple when carried out properly.

How Does the Florida Double LLC Work?

If a business chooses Sunshine Corporate Filing LLC for their Florida double LCC, they’ll:

  • Start two Florida LLC companies
  • Submit two separate articles of incorporation to the government
  • Lastly, submit two distinct Florida annual reports every year

Here is how the agency will assist you in establishing and running a Florida double LLC:

  1. Formation 

Firstly, the New Mexico LLC will create two LLCs with the state. The agency serves as the organizer for both businesses, and their main office address is their Mexico LLC business address.

In addition, each LLC will list the other as its manager in its articles of organization, and the double LLCs will be registered as “manager-managed” entities. The first LLC will serve as the company’s public face and manage the second LLC in New Mexico.

Florida double LLC takes about eight to 10 working days to form, and the paper filing for the double LLC takes a week. When businesses sign up for the Florida double LLC package, the agency will process the online filing within eight working days.

  1. Annual Reporting

annual reporting

A year after the business forms a double LLC in New Mexico, it must submit two annual reports. It is required to list a manager on these reports, and the first LLC will be listed as the manager on the yearly report of the second LLC in New Mexico.

  1. Continued Maintenance

Finally, the agency continues to serve as both the companies’ New Mexico agents. It will provide continuous maintenance and care for the double LLC. The agency will also provide free mailing services to double LLC businesses in New Mexico with its package.

Can You Open a Bank Account for a Florida Double LLC?

Open a Bank Account

Yes, businesses can open a double LLC account in certain banks. Even while having two LLCs that oversee each other has numerous advantages, opening a bank account may be challenging since the bank could be unsure of who has the authority to act on each LLC’s behalf.

It is advised to chat with the bank to explain that the business is forming two Florida LLCs that will oversee one another and see whether the bank is open to working with a double LLC company before enrolling in the agency’s package.

Sunshine Corporate Filings LLC has guides that maintain an up-to-date list of Florida-based banks that have opened accounts for their double LLC clients in Florida.

Benefits of Employing an Anonymous LLC

Benefits of Employing

An LLC is preferred by many small businesses over a corporation because it is flexible, affordable, and simple to keep up with. Additionally, it’s an affordable way to guarantee that the business continues after incapacitation or death, which benefits the estate.

With LLCs, the owner can divide up business operations and important assets, giving them the freedom to change who owns what. In contrast to being one enormous whole, the business can easily combine or liquidate these assets or functions.

Additionally, it offers special advantages like confidentiality, privacy protection, and abuse prevention.

The members of an LLC often benefit from pass-through taxation, where they report their portion of the LLC’s profits or losses on their individual tax returns. Then, the individual pays any taxes that are owed.

Single-member LLCs report all revenue or loss on Schedule C, whereas multi-member LLCs file a partnership tax return for the LLC. When income from C corporations is taxed twice, once at the corporate level and once at the individual level, if company profits are given as dividends to owners, pass-through taxes avoid this double taxation.

Is It Okay to Launch a Business Anonymously?

Launch a Business

Today the pursuit of privacy is justified. This is partly due to the online relocation of public data, which, if not careful, may contain all personal information details. It is logical to use an anonymous business to uphold the right to privacy. The agency strives hard to clear up any misconceptions about what it means to want to remain anonymous and keep personal money confidential.

Wrapping Up: Why Should a Person Start an Anonymous Company?

Fighting back against creditors is one of the main reasons for registering a private, anonymous limited corporation. Attorneys frequently look for the easiest case to win. This implies that a business is an easy target if its assets are easy to locate.

A business becomes a far less desirable target if a creditor has to conduct extensive research to attempt to locate an anonymous company address in another state.

Another factor is that not everyone wants their coworkers, loved ones, and neighbors to be aware of everything they are doing. Forming a Florida double LLC with a qualified professional’s help will make conducting business easier.

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