Dolphin Mall

Dolphin-MallMiami is a city known for its vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, and of course, it’s shopping malls! Located in Sweetwater, Miami-Dade County, just west of downtown Miami, the Dolphin Mall is home to over 240 retail outlets and name-brand discounters, making it a must-visit destination for shopping enthusiasts in and around South Florida.

History of Dolphin Mall

The Dolphin Mall opened its doors to the public in March 2001, becoming the first of four Taubman Centers malls to open that year. Taubman Centers is a renowned name in the world of shopping centers, and Dolphin Mall lives up to the reputation. Although it’s often compared to South Florida’s largest outlet malls and its main competitor, Sawgrass Mills, Dolphin Mall has a unique charm of its own.

Distinctive Design

What sets Dolphin Mall apart is its clever division into three districts: Playa (Beach), Ramblas (Boulevards), and Moda (Fashion), each offering a different shopping experience. With a sprawling 1,400,000 square feet of retail selling space, it ranks as the second-largest mall in Miami-Dade County. Its proximity to Florida International University also makes it a popular hangout spot for students.

Expansion and Renovation

Taubman Centers recognized the mall’s growing popularity and embarked on an expansion and renovation project to enhance the visitor experience. This project, completed in Fall 2015, brought about exciting changes. The addition of five new restaurants, improved valet parking and an extra 900 parking spaces solidified Dolphin Mall’s status as a premier shopping destination in Miami.

Anchor Stores and More

Dolphin Mall boasts a diverse range of anchor stores, making it a one-stop shopping destination for visitors of all age groups. Some of the major anchors include Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, Bloomingdale’s The Outlet Store, Burlington Coat Factory, and Cobb Dolphin 19 Cinema. With a plethora of options, you can spend an entire day simply exploring everything this mall has to offer.

Visitor Amenities

Acknowledging its status as a tourist hotspot, Dolphin Mall goes the extra mile to accommodate visitors hailing from different corners of the globe. Services like shuttle transportation, special incentives tailored for out-of-town guests – including the coveted Passport to Shopping, offering discounts – complimentary wheelchairs, motorized cart rentals, secure lockers and even Currency Exchange International outlets ensure a seamless shopping experience for all.

Dolphin Mall Downsized

Interestingly, during its initial planning stages, Dolphin Mall was poised to be even grander, spanning over 2,200,000 square feet and featuring ambitious attractions such as a roller coaster and a colossal 28-screen Regal Cinemas. However, after Taubman Centers took over the property rights in 2000, the mall was downsized to its current size, omitting the roller coaster but still offering an impressive 19-screen Cobb Theaters in the “Ramblas” Zone.

Free Gifts with Mall Purchases

For those who love a good deal, Dolphin Mall offers a Gift With Purchase program exclusive to visitors. By making purchases totaling $500 or more at various stores on the same day, you’ll be eligible to receive their signature tote bag as a token of appreciation. It’s a fantastic way to make your shopping experience even better!

Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to the Miami area, Dolphin Mall is a must-visit and it deserves a spot on your itinerary. Its wide variety of stores, excellent visitor amenities, and recent improvements make it a retail gem in the heart of South Florida.

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Q : What are Dolphin Mall’s operating hours?

A : Dolphin Mall is typically open from 10 AM to 9 PM.

Q : How many stores and services are available at Dolphin Mall?

A : There are over 240 stores and services to explore at the mall.

Q : Is there a program for group visits?

A : Yes, there is a Passport to Shopping program offering discounts for groups of 10 or more visitors traveling from over 50 miles away.

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