Aventura Mall

Aventura-MallAddress: 19501 Biscayne Blvd, Aventura, FL 33180

Hours: Opens 10 AM ⋅ Closes 9:30 PM

Phone: (305) 935-1110

Aventura Mall isn’t just your average shopping spot folks. We’re talking epic dining, mind-blowing art and a vibe that’s all about having a blast. Situated smack dab in the heart of Florida, Aventura Mall has established itself as a must-visit for both locals and visitors seeking a unique and memorable retail experience.

A Shopper’s Paradise

From luxury connoisseurs to trendsetting enthusiasts, Aventura Mall caters to every shopping preference with over 300 diverse stores. This sprawling shopping destination hosts a remarkable collection of well-known global brands, boutiques and specialty shops. Whether you’re in pursuit of the latest fashion trends or seeking distinctive finds, Aventura Mall offers a multitude of choices that reflect your individual style.

Culinary Delights

After a day of indulging in some serious retail therapy, Aventura Mall has got you covered with over 50 eateries to satisfy those vicious hunger pangs. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite or a gourmet feast, Aventura Mall has an array of delectable cuisines to offer. The options range from the inviting aromas of Estiatorio Ornos and the contemporary delights of Motek to the upscale elegance of Serafina Miami. Not to be missed is the curated culinary options at Treats Food Hall, where a diverse selection of eateries awaits under one roof.

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A World of Entertainment

Aventura Mall isn’t just about retail therapy and culinary indulgence. The mall’s offerings include movie theaters that screen the latest blockbusters, engaging play zones like the Rainbow Valley Playground designed for young visitors and a calendar filled with special events that enrich the shopping experience. Whether it’s catching a film, enjoying family-friendly activities, or participating in any of the special events, Aventura Mall ensures that every moment is brimming with fun.

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Artistry and Architecture

Art and architecture fuse seamlessly at Aventura Mall, culminating in a visual masterpiece. The Arts Aventura Mall program weaves art seamlessly into the shopping experience, presenting visitors with over 20 museum-worthy art pieces. From the awe-inspiring Aventura Slide Tower by Carsten Höller to the whimsical charm of Gorillas in the Mist by The Haas Brothers, art has become an integral part of the mall’s ambiance.

Renowned architect Carlos Zapata designed a striking entrance that blurs the boundaries between interior and exterior, offering panoramic views and abundant natural light through a sweeping 350-foot-long skylight. The result is a stunning space that captures the essence of modern design while integrating harmoniously with the surrounding landscape.

Supporting Local Vendors

For over two decades, The Aventura Market has celebrated local artisans and farmers. This vibrant market provides a platform for local vendors to showcase their unique and thoughtfully crafted products. You can find a wide variety of exotic foods, fresh produce, handmade goods, and home décor here. The market, open every Saturday and Sunday during mall hours, reflects the rich and diverse culture of the region and offers a glimpse into what the local community has to offer.

Practical Tips

Navigating the vast expanse of the Aventura Mall isn’t easy for first time visitors. The mall’s three floors accommodate customers with diverse needs, ensuring wheelchair accessibility and ease of movement for parents with strollers. Parking, with a generous 9,800 spaces is convenient, and valet service adds an extra layer of luxury to the experience. For those seeking additional information, the mall’s official website provides all the details needed for a hassle-free visit.

Final Thoughts

In essence, Aventura Mall defies convention, redefining what it means to be a shopping destination. It goes beyond being a mere collection of stores; it’s an immersive experience that harmoniously combines together shopping, dining, art and community. From luxury boutiques to local treasures, Aventura Mall has it all.

Whether you’re on a quest for fashion, culinary exploration, artistic inspiration or simply a delightful day out, Aventura Mall beckons shoppers and visitors alike.



Q : How can I reach Aventura Mall?

A : The mall’s address is 19501 Biscayne Blvd, Aventura, FL 33180, and you can contact them at (305) 935-1110. Here is the full direction.

Q : What makes Aventura Mall unique?

A : Aventura Mall stands out with over 300 diverse stores, captivating art installations, a wide range of dining options, and a strong sense of community engagement.

Q : What are Aventura Mall’s operating hours?

A : The mall operating hours are open from morning till 9:30 PM for your shopping convenience.

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