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Address: 19501 Biscayne Blvd #3001, Aventura, FL 33180

When it comes to enjoying the latest blockbusters in style and comfort, look no further than AMC Aventura 24. Conveniently situated within the iconic Aventura Mall, this state-of-the-art movie theater offers much more than just a film screening. With a wide array of amenities, an extensive range of show formats, and a prime location, AMC Aventura 24 sets the stage for an exceptional cinema experience.

Experience the AMC Difference

From spacious rocking seats to luxurious recliners that let you truly unwind, this theater goes above and beyond to ensure your movie night is an experience to remember. But it doesn’t stop there; the theater also boasts an innovative menu that goes beyond the standard popcorn and soda fare. You’ll find a selection of snacks and food options perfect for enjoying during your movie.

What truly sets AMC Aventura 24 apart are its premium offerings. Get ready to be blown away by IMAX, Dolby Cinema, and Prime at AMC. These formats immerse you in the world of your chosen film with stunning visuals and immersive sound, creating an unforgettable cinematic journey.

Features and Amenities

IMAX with Laser at AMC: Immerse yourself in larger-than-life visuals and heart-pounding sound.

Dolby Cinema at AMC: Experience the pinnacle of cinematic technology for unparalleled audio and visual quality.

Open Caption (On-Screen Subtitles): Accessibility for all viewers with on-screen subtitles.

AMC Artisan Films: Discover handpicked, culturally rich films for discerning movie lovers.

Food & Drinks Mobile Ordering: Skip the lines and order your snacks and drinks from your mobile device.

Coca-Cola Freestyle: Customize your beverage with over 100 drink choices.

Sensory Friendly Films: Special screenings designed for those with sensory sensitivities.

Feature Fare: Satisfy your cravings with a diverse selection of food options beyond traditional theater snacks.

Senior Pricing, Student Pricing, and Military Pricing: Special pricing options available to cater to various audiences.

Amenities and Accessibility: From reserved seating and Wi-Fi for AMC Stubs members to closed captioning, theater rentals, mobile ticketing, audio description, assisted listening devices, and wheelchair access, AMC Aventura 24 ensures everyone can enjoy the magic of the movies.

Convenience at Its Best

One of the theater’s standout features is its location within the Aventura Mall. This means easy access to your favorite movies and plenty of parking options to make your visit stress-free. The theater prides itself on clean and comfortable seats, with the Dolby theater standing out for those seeking a top-tier viewing experience.

For savvy moviegoers, a pro tip is to purchase tickets through the AMC app. This not only streamlines the ticket-buying process but also lets you order your popcorn and snacks in advance, saving you precious time.

Movies Currently On Screen

AMC Aventura 24 consistently features the latest releases to ensure you don’t miss any of the hottest films. Whether you’re a fan of action-packed blockbusters, heartwarming family animations, or gripping dramas, there’s a movie to suit your taste. Here are some of the movies currently gracing the theater’s screens:

The Equalizer 3

  • Standard: 3:30 PM, 6:15 PM, 9:00 PM
  • IMAX: 2:30 PM, 5:15 PM, 8:00 PM, 10:45 PM


  • Standard: 4:15 PM, 7:15 PM, 9:40 PM

Gran Turismo

  • Standard: 4:05 PM, 7:20 PM, 10:30 PM

Blue Beetle

  • Standard: 4:00 PM, 7:10 PM, 10:10 PM

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem

  • Standard: 4:10 PM, 9:20 PM
  • 3D: 6:45 PM


  • Standard: 8:10 PM, 10:45 PM


  • Standard: 5:00 PM, 7:45 PM, 9:00 PM


  • Standard: 1:50 PM, 4:50 PM, 7:35 PM, 10:35 PM

Meg 2: The Trench

  • Standard: 7:50 PM, 10:15 PM
  • 3D: 2:05 PM, 4:55 PM


  • Standard: 2:45 PM, 5:15 PM, 7:45 PM, 10:15 PM


  • Standard: 3:45 PM

Talk to Me

  • Standard: 8:00 PM, 10:30 PM


  • Standard: 4:20 PM, 7:00 PM, 9:20 PM

Haunted Mansion

  • Standard: 7:20 PM

Sound of Freedom

  • Standard: 4:25 PM, 7:25 PM, 10:00 PM

The Good Mother

  • Standard: 4:45 PM, 7:40 PM, 10:10 PM

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One

  • Standard: 4:00 PM, 7:15 PM, 9:30 PM

Jurassic Park

  • 3D: 4:10 PM, 10:20 PM

The Goonies

  • Standard: 2:00 PM, 4:55 PM

They Live 35th Anniversary

  • Standard: 4:00 PM, 7:00 PM

The Incredibles (2004) Disney100

  • Standard: 3:30 PM, 6:30 PM, 11:00 PM

No More Bets

  • Standard: 4:30 PM, 7:40 PM, 10:50 PM

Zombie Town

  • Standard: 7:30 PM, 10:00 PM

The Little Mermaid

  • Standard: 4:50 PM

Don’t Look Away

  • Standard: 9:40 PM

Beaten to Death

  • Standard: 10:40 PM

Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose

  • Standard: 2:15 PM, 4:45 PM

So go ahead and enjoy the latest cinematic releases in the comfort and style that AMC Aventura 24 is known for!



Q : What’s the usual price for a ticket at AMC Aventura 24?

A : Tickets typically cost $16, with a $5 fee.

Q : Does AMC Aventura 24 offer reserved seating?

A : Yes, the theater offers reserved seating for your convenience.

Q : Is there Wi-Fi available for AMC Stubs members?

A : Yes, Wi-Fi is available for AMC Stubs members, enhancing your overall theater experience.

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