Tumi Outlet Sawgrass Mills Mall

There are many stores in Sawgrass Mills Mall. Most of the known name brands have a presence there.  One name brand I’ve enjoyed buying products from over the years is Tumi.  They sell travel accessories, mostly luggage, in a very well done product.

Tumi Store Sawgrass

Tumi Store in Sawgrass Review

I’ve shopped here multiple times.  I find the brand to be reliable and in the middle of the price points out there, yet held in a high regard when you bring it up to other people. I could really care less what people think about my luggage (it’s not a fashion show when the item is tossed around and handled like crap by baggage claim attendants) but I find this to be a classy line of products that won’t ever be considered cheap or subpar.

Located in the Collonade Outlets, the area has ample parking, even curbside if you are lucky enough to get a spot.  There is valet parking nearby as well.  I find this area of Sawgrass to be the best.  There are all the high end designers like Hugo Boss, Gucci, and many more.  There are restaurants in that area as well, including P.F. Changs, Grande Lux Cafe, and an Italian restaurant, among others.

You’ll find high quality luggage at Tumi and I always found the attention the employees gave me while shopping to be first class.  If you are looking for quality luggage at closeout prices, Tumi is definitely a place to check out when at Sawgrass Mills Mall.

That’s my Tumi store review, I hope you enjoyed it.


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