Red Rhino Pool Leak Detection

Are you sick and tired of hearing the people who maintain your pool constantly reminding you that you have to add more water to your pool?  I felt like every Tuesday, like clockwork, Solutions Pool would tell me that I needed to add water.

My normal response was “I added water for three hours last week.  It was to the level you told me.  What’s going on here?”

“My friend, you have a leak.  Call Red Rhino leak detection.  They will come take a look at your situation and identify where it’s coming from.”

Well, that certainly sucked.  But as a home owner, I’m used to getting these types of things surfacing from time to time.  My pool maintenance company has never steered me wrong, so I didn’t hesitate to call Red Rhino, which has locations spanning South Florida, Central Florida, and even Jacksonville.  The map below outlines all of their areas of location.

Red Rhino Office Map
Servicing South Florida, West Florida, Central Florida, and Jacksonville.

Red Rhino Fixes Pool Leaks

My experience with them was first class from the start.  Unfortunately, I’ve dealt with them many times.  Not that they are bad to deal with, because they are quite pleasant and very professional.  Rather, it sucks that I have to constantly have to invest in my backyard.

The first thing they do is come to the property and do an analysis.  In my situation, it was around $400.  Not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but when I considered the alternative of filling it with water and having that aggravation factor constantly, I felt it was something I just had to grin and bear.

After the analysis, they find exactly where the leak is coming from and set another appointment to fix it.  If you book within a week of them analyzing the situation, they do provide a discount.  I took advantage of this offer because I needed to get the leak fixed so why not do it right away and save a few bucks?

They also offer a guarantee on their work. Mine was six months and if anything were to stop working they would come back and fix it, on their dime.  I didn’t have this happen within the six month window so I don’t have anything to report there.  I worked with Red Rhino’s Broward County location twice within three years and have nothing but positive things to say in my Red Rhino company review.  If you are looking for someone to have a look at your pool, or if you think it’s leaking, don’t hesitate to contact them.

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