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While most of my nights out in Fort Lauderdale are spent at places like Yolo on Las Olas, I went on a date a couple weeks ago that brought me to a new area that somehow I hadn’t ventured to before. My date and I are both big music lovers, especially live music, and she recommended we meet up at Original Fat Cat’s on Himmarshee Street in Fort Lauderdale.

Now, this is my kind of place! They had live music playing all night and it was a great mix of 90’s and early 2000’s rock. There were a few hip hop covers thrown in as well. It made me long for the days when I used to live in Nashville where every bar on Broadway has live music at all hours. Now I know where to go to get my fix. I wish there was a place like this out in the suburbs where I live, but there is definitely enough to like at Fat Cat’s that will make go back as often as possible.

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Original Fat Cat’s Fort Lauderdale Review

As a teenager in the 90’s, the musical selection was perfect for me, there wasn’t a song that I didn’t know and the dance floor was full. Everyone was having a great time. I wish I could remember the name of the band, perhaps I can find a calendar of shows on Fat Cat’s site.

Aside from the great music (which is advertised outside the bar as “live music every damn night”), they have a great beer selection which was music to my ears. A huge menu of bottled and draft beers that you can get lost in. The bartenders are very knowledgable about all of them and happy to help you find what you’re looking for. I wish I could remember all the beers I had that night, but my memory gets a bit fuzzy.

fat cats fort lauderdale review
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Even better – this place is open until 4am! As I live in Weston, where everything closes early, it was great to spend a longer night out on the town. I’m a pretty casual person, so it’s nice to go out in whatever you’re wearing and not be out of place. This is a pretty laid back, low key, come as you are type of place. The very definition of a dive bar.

One note – you can smoke inside here. So if that bothers you, I’m just letting you know ahead of time. It’s not often you see smoking inside anymore, so it threw me for a loop at first.

All in all, this is a great old school bar with tons of beer options and live music every night. I like everything about that sentence and it makes me wish I lived closer to Fort Lauderdale proper! I will definitely going back again. I can’t wait to hear whatever band is playing, especially if it’s anything like the last time I was there.


320 Himmarshee St
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
(954) 524-5366

Original Fat Cat’s Hours:

Monday – Friday: 5pm – 4am
Saturday – Sunday: 1pm – 4am

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