If you like stylish brands that are always in season, Nautica is a brand you should check out.  It’s been around for quite a while and ranks right up there with Polo, Tommy Hilfger, and Express as stories that are represented in most major malls in the USA.

Today, we talk about a Nautica store where you can get steep discounts on the iconic clothing line. Of course, we’re talking about the store located in the Sawgrass Mills Mall in Sunrise, Florida.

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Nautica Store Review in Sawgrass Mills Mall

The Nautica Store offers a HUGE selection of clothing and apparel from youth to adults.  You can find shirts, shorts, shoes, and even jackets at this store.  The great thing about this location is that everything is discounted heavily.  Sure, it may be last year’s line, but who cares?  Most people come to Sawgrass to save money, and when you can save 20, 30, even 60% off something because it’s “last seasons” line of clothing, people don’t seem to care.  I certainly don’t.

I found the service very friendly and the store very large and offering a wide variety of clothing.  I don’t always wear Nautica, in fact, I rarely do, but I found some shorts there that fit me perfect and that’s really all I look for these days – comfortable gear.

There are many places you can shop at Sawgrass, and many retailers clamoring for your business.  What I found nice about this store is there was always someone to help me find a size and offering a helping hand.  I will note that the store was a bit messy and cluttered – there seemed to be more inventory than room to sell and showcase it, which made everything look a bit smaller.  But overall, I can say I found what I wanted at an amazing price, and for that reason, I have to give Nautica a thumbs up.

Chris is a Midwest Transplant that has lived in South Florida since 1999. While he likes to remain active and is an avid sports enthusiast, he's become our go-to provider of reviews of any establishment serving food and booze!

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