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If you’ve browsed around this site a little bit and looked at other reviews in this category, you may have seen our review of Honey Pets in Davie and why we no longer use their services for grooming our dogs or boarding while we are out of town.

Fortunately, thanks to our wonderful neighbors in a Weston Facebook group we frequent we were pointed to Fancy Pets Mobile Pet Grooming in Weston to take care of our dogs when they need a wash and a trim. But that still left us with searching for a new provider to petsit the dogs while we are away.

Mel’s Pet Sitting Weston Review

Of course, we found the answer we were looking for in our Facebook community. (Seriously, find a Facebook group for the municipality you live in – you will find so much helpful information no matter what kind of service you are looking for, or just to keep up to date on what’s going on in the city that you probably won’t find in the news). We were pointed in the direction of Mel’s Pet Sitting Services in Weston and could not be happier!

I reached out to Mel via Facebook and was responded to immediately. Already a good start. We were going to need to leave our dogs (Snoop and Cookie) with her for about 3-4 days as we traveled out of town for a wedding the following week. Before their stay could be confirmed I needed to bring the dogs over to her house just to make sure that they got along with her two dogs. Snoop I had no worries about – he’s such a people person and I knew he wouldn’t even give much attention to the other dogs, rather he’d be the best buddy to all the people at the house. Cookie on the other hand, despite her size, is always a little aggressive during those first few moments.

I brought them over there and after a few little snaps back and forth, the dogs grew very comfortable with Melodie’s two dogs and spent some time exploring all over her house. After sitting around there for a while with Mel and her husband and letting the dogs run around and get to know each other, I knew they would be in great hands and have a fun weekend. I must have spent an hour there just getting familiar, going over expectations, etc. and was completely comfortable with leaving Snoop and Cookie there. She treats your pets like she treats her own – you can’t ask for better care than that.

Even better, she’ll post photos (like the one above) throughout the weekend so you can see how your pups are doing! It’s a nice touch that lets you know your dogs are in good hands and having fun.

I will also comment that Mel is very flexible when it comes to arrangements, as there was a possibility that my trip was going to need to be extended. She was very understanding and accommodating with the uncertainty of my plans and always responsive and easy to get a hold of.

All in all, I am so happy that we found Mel and will definitely be using her again the next time we are out of town and need a place for the dogs. It feels like leaving your pups at a dear friend’s house and that’s about all you can ask for! Highly recommended!

Services: Pet boarding and daycare


1461 Veracruz Lane
Weston, Florida 33327
(954) 770-2025

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