Japan Inn Review – Is It Worth Visiting This Restaurant in Weston?

Since you can always order delivery service from most restaurants, onsite restaurants need to look for something that attracts customers to go there instead of ordering food. Nonetheless, it’s difficult to know if a restaurant you are visiting offers a good experience if you’ve never been there before.

Therefore, the best you can do if you want to go to a restaurant where you can taste delicious food while having a good time is to read a review that talks about it. If you feel like eating Japanese food today, you can try Japan Inn!

As its name suggests, this restaurant focuses on Japanese food, and it’s popular for its fried rice and hibachi shrimp. Read this review to know more about this restaurant!

About Japan Inn

Japan Inn is not as old as other hibachi places in Florida since it was established in 1990. Regardless of that, it still offers a wide variety of Japanese and Thai dishes, and the food has many different ingredients such as chicken, shrimp, and various kinds of sauce.

Where Is Japan Inn?

If you wonder about the Japan Inn locations in Florida, you can find them in Weston Town Center, Doral, and Plantation Square in N University Dr. How is Japan Inn rated in those places? The answer is very well, and if you look it up online, you can find more and more reviews saying it’s one of the best Japanese restaurants in Plantation.

What Do Clients Think About Japan Inn?

Clients love Japan Inn, so don’t expect it to be a subpar restaurant you will forget a few weeks after visiting it. This restaurant has award-winning sushi, so it could become one of your favorite restaurants if you fancy sushi.

Is There a Hibachi Show in the Restaurant?

As we mentioned before, many restaurants have put effort into making people go to their onsite locations instead of just ordering delivery, and the hibachi show you can see at Japan Inn is excellent due to its talented chefs that make adults love the food and kids have fun.

What Makes Japan Inn Different from Other Hibachi Restaurants?

Naturally, Japan Inn is not the only Hibachi restaurant in N University Dr, let alone Florida. Thus, what makes it different from its competitors? Well, the main advantage this establishment has over other restaurants that sell fried rice and hibachi shrimp is the food taste and how Hibachi shows are extra entertaining for people of all ages.

Japan Inn Food


Speaking about the food, although it’s still Japanese food, it has a unique taste that makes it different from other options in the city. Apart from that, seeing the chef prepare everything makes it more exciting to eat.

Apart from that, you have a huge variety of dishes to choose from, so you can eat something different each time you go there. Don’t ever worry about fried rice or Hibachi shrimp dishes having too much salt since chefs working for Japan Inn use just the right amount of ingredients to give it the taste customers seek in Japanese dishes.

Most reviews say the food was delicious when they went there, and we can confirm that.

Japan Inn Locations

Despite not being as old as other food franchises in Florida, the people who run Japan Inn have done their best to take it to the most places they can in the state. Today, you can go to Japan Inn Weston, Japan Inn Doral, and Japan Inn Plantation, but expect them to be in many other places sooner than later.

Naturally, all three establishments offer you everything we mention in this Japan Inn review.

Hibachi Show

If a family member of yours, such as your father, enjoyed studying Japanese culture in the past or liked Japanese food, they are going to love the Hibachi show this restaurant offers its clients. Not only this show is performed by skilled excellent chefs but makes your whole experience different from the one that other restaurants offer.

Customer Service

Customer service at Japan Inn is one of the best ones in the city, so you can expect waiters and waitresses to be the most polite people you can think of. Apart from that, they make sure you are always comfortable while eating.

If you, taking the same example as before, have a disabled father and need someone to help them get to the table, waiters will take care of everything in a matter of seconds without you needing to worry about it while you are in the restaurant.

Making reservations is straightforward, too.

Waiting Time

Being hungry and waiting a long time for your food to be ready. You don’t need to worry about that in this restaurant, and that applies, too, to takeout food.

What Can I Eat at Japan Inn?

Food is the most essential part of a restaurant since it’s the reason you go there or make reservations. Here are some of the best dishes in Japan Inn. It’s also worth noting Japan Inn offers takeout for people who don’t want to eat there.

Fried Rice

You can order fried rice with delicious ingredients such as cream cheese, chicken, shrimp, or anything you want the chef to put on it.


Sushi dishes take up most of the menu, and you can choose many tempura options too. As it happens with fried rice, you can pick several ingredients such as cream cheese and chicken for your rolls.

We recommend you take the South Beach Roll, Alaska Roll, or Sakura Roll.


You can choose the average drinks you get in a regular restaurant, many wine options, and sake.


Japan Inn’s menu includes land and sea Hibachi dishes for its clients.


Prices are decent compared to other restaurants in Florida, and it’s reasonable what Japan Inn charges you considering everything it offers. One of its most affordable dishes is just $3.50, while more expensive ones are at least $30.

What’s the Restaurant’s Ambiance?

Reviews and clients describe Japan Inn as a warm and cozy place you can visit with your family with no problem. There have been several events, such as birthdays, there, and clients couldn’t have been happier.


You don’t need to be in Japan to eat Japanese food, and Japan Inn offers you an excellent approach to these dishes. We recommend you go there as soon as you can, so don’t hesitate to do it!

Chris is a Midwest Transplant that has lived in South Florida since 1999. While he likes to remain active and is an avid sports enthusiast, he's become our go-to provider of reviews of any establishment serving food and booze!

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