Florida Disaster Relief

Florida has been hit with triple digit heat indices with its fair share of disasters over the years and is no stranger to hurricanes and tropical storms. The damage from the storm has been devastating. Many residents have been left homeless, damaged, and without the basic necessities for survival; this is the effect of the western panhandle.

Heat indices nearly statewide concern

In Florida, temperatures have the digit heat indices nearly tripled, causing mass evacuations and power supplies to go down. The typical summer day expected is long gone. Unfortunately, there is only one way to receive disaster relief in Florida, and that is through FEMA. The Florida Relay Service is among the many programs FEMA offers to help citizens recover.

Florida heat advisories in effect, and elevated rip current risk

The National Weather Service often called SPC Florida because of its location, issues numerous warnings about severe weather occurring throughout the country. The Storm Prediction Center is responsible for isolated severe thunderstorms expected and scattered thunderstorms possible statewide.

Though recovery is still underway, the federal government is helping Florida residents. Florida’s recovery efforts are supported by federal money in the form of money grants, loans, and disaster relief. Florida received over $1.4 billion through the National Flood Insurance Program. This money was used for rebuilding infrastructure, repairing homes, making repairs to infrastructure, and providing relief for individuals and business owners affected by the storms.

Florida division of emergency management

Florida Division of Emergency Management is the state’s lead for coordinating all emergency preparedness efforts. Their primary job is to maintain a statewide system for resilience and localized flooding concern.

Concern for north Florida escalates

Florida’s Division of Emergency Management is dedicated to protecting the lives and property of Floridians through weather outlook preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery efforts. Florida’s Division of Emergency Management is the lead state agency for coordinating statewide efforts in multiple areas. The flooding concern for north night and day expected for Florida, and the east coast beaches somehow make one feels like temperatures rise, rip current risk along with it. Thunderstorms expected in north or expected in north Florida leave everyone sure about a tropical development expected. They are responsible for coordinating relief and recovery from disasters, including hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, wildfires, acts of terrorism, and other emergencies.

How to prepare your home for a hurricane

From hurricanes to tornadoes, it seems Florida is always in the line of fire. The hurricane season lasts from June to November. During these months, Florida citizens should be ready to deal with the aftermath of a natural disaster. To prepare your home for a hurricane, start by removing anything inside of it that could potentially damage the building or harm you. Remove heavy furniture, large appliances, and electronics. Then, stockpile water, food, and supplies. Know how to turn off utilities, and make sure your emergency kits are ready to go.

. How to help those affected by the hurricane

Hurricanes can be very dangerous, and some of the most damaging effects can be felt long after the storm is over. People in and around affected areas need assistance getting their lives back to normal. The American Red Cross is there when disaster strikes, but donations are always welcome. You can help the victims by donating online or by mailing a check directly to them.

The devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey have been felt by millions of people in Texas and Louisiana. To help ease the burden on those who need it most, the American Red Cross is urging people to donate blood and help those affected by the hurricane.

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