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FDOT-Project-SearchThe FDOT Project Search tool is an online resource that enables users to access vital information about transportation projects across the state of Florida. It’s provides a detailed insight into the ongoing and upcoming projects, making it an indispensable tool for city planners, contractors and developers.

You won’t have to look too hard for it because it’s right there on Florida Department of Transportation’s official website. This ensures that you get direct access to reliable and real-time information about transportation projects in Florida.

FDOT Projects

Several projects are currently underway in Florida. These projects include a range of endeavors, from safety enhancements, inspecting construction projects and the addition of new lanes and reconstruction. Notably, contracts have been issued to various contractors for these initiatives, including Traffic Control Products of Florida, Inc., ACME Barricades LC, Ajax Paving Industries of Florida LLC, Quinn Construction, Inc., Preferred Materials Inc., Skanska USA Civil Southeast Inc, and Ajax-Leware JV.

Additionally, we find projects in both the district-wide and specific location categories, spanning areas like Sarasota, Collier, Polk, Manatee, Charlotte, and Lee. Each project serves as a critical component of Florida’s ongoing efforts to improve traffic flow, safety, and overall transportation efficiency.

FDOT Project Search Tool

For those interested in current FDOT projects, the FDOT Projects Search Tool is an invaluable resource. It provides information on projects from the current fiscal year, including planning, design, construction, and more. You can access this tool to get detailed programming information and even export project reports to Excel for your convenience.

Click here to launch the FDOT Project Search Tool!

However, please note that project details might be subject to change, so it’s advisable to contact the local agencies directly for the most up-to-date information.

Future FDOT Projects

Several managed lanes projects are currently funded in the upcoming 5-year work plan. Let’s explore some of these projects:

West Central Florida

  • Tampa Bay Next
  • Gateway Expressway
  • Howard Frankland Bridge
  • Tampa’s Westshore Interchange

Southeast Florida

  • 95 Express
  • Southwest 10th Street
  • Palmetto Expressway

Projects Under Consideration

In addition to the ongoing projects, there are several managed lanes projects in the initial stage of planning. These projects are under consideration and will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Florida’s transportation infrastructure:

Central & Southwest Florida

  • I-4 Beyond the Ultimate
  • Southwest Connect

West Central Florida

  • Tampa Bay Next
  • I-275 Pinellas Corridor
  • Westshore to Downtown Tampa
  • I-4 Corridor
  • I-75 Corridor

Other FDOT Projects

Florida Express Lanes Managed express lanes have already made a significant impact in several high-traffic areas across Florida. These lanes aim to make your journeys safer and more efficient. Let’s take a closer look at some of the managed lanes networks in operation:

  • 295 Express East
  • 295 Express West
  • 595 Express
  • 75 Express
  • 95 Express
  • 75 / Palmetto Express
  • I-4 Ultimate
  • Beachline Expressway
  • Turnpike / SR 821
  • Veterans Expressway

These managed lanes are strategically implemented to reduce congestion, enhance safety, and provide transportation options for users.

Florida Roundabouts Switching gears a bit, let’s talk about another important aspect of Florida’s transportation network—roundabouts. The Florida Department of Transportation actively promotes the installation of modern roundabouts due to their proven safety and operational benefits.

As of now, approximately 20 roundabouts are operating on the state highway system, with over 300 more on local roads throughout the state. While roundabouts may be a new concept for many, they offer significant advantages in terms of safety and traffic flow.

Project Development & Public Outreach

The Five-Year Work Program is a critical component of FDOT’s project development and planning. It involves extensive coordination with local governments, Metropolitan Planning Organizations, and other officials. Public hearings are conducted to ensure transparency and public input into transportation planning.

The Department’s commitment is to implement projects as scheduled in the Work Program, minimizing changes, and communicating any necessary adjustments effectively.

Long-Term Planning: Arterial Rural Roads

Planning for the future while addressing current demands is a priority for FDOT. The department strategically assesses existing roadways for development or upgrades, particularly arterial rural roads. The arterial rural highway project is one such project which identifies roads for widening from two lanes to four lanes to increase capacity. To be considered for this, a road must be classified as an arterial rural road, and truck traffic must account for at least 15% of total traffic.

To stay informed about the latest FDOT projects and initiatives, you can reach out to the Florida Department of Transportation office located at 605 Suwannee Street, Tallahassee FL 32399. You can also contact them by phone at 850-414-4100 or by fax at 850-414-5201.

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Q : Are FDOT projects funded by the state or federal government?

A : FDOT projects may receive funding from both state and federal sources, depending on the project’s scope and requirements.

Q : How can I provide feedback or raise concerns about ongoing FDOT projects?

A : You can contact the local FDOT district office or attend public hearings to provide feedback or voice concerns about ongoing FDOT projects in your region.

Q : Why are modern roundabouts promoted in Florida?

A : Modern roundabouts are encouraged for their proven safety and traffic flow benefits, contributing to a safer and more efficient road network.

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