Is El Camino in Fort Lauderdale Good Mexican Food?

I have lived in Fort Lauderdale my entire life.  I never realized Mexican food in other areas was not the same until I took a vacation to another part of the country. To say I was disappointed in every Mexican restaurant I tried locally is understatement of the year. The first thing I did when I came home was to enjoy sleeping in my own bed. The next day I reserved a table at The El Camino Fort Lauderdale for dinner.  I wanted to see if it was authentic like in other areas of the country.  The moment I walked through the door and the aroma hit me I knew I was going to not only have a great time, but probably have a meal worth bragging about, like I did after I ran home to write my Mastro’s review.

The El Camino Fort Lauderdale

The El Camino Fort Lauderdale is a classic Mexican restaurant offering margaritas and Mexican cuisine in a dining room both contemporary and airy. The first time you see the restaurant, you are drawn to the inviting atmosphere. The indoor seating at the bar is extremely comfortable. I also enjoy the massive mezcal and tequila selection at El Camino. Sometimes I like to sit outside because the outdoor bar is covered and I can get to the parking lot behind the restaurant easily.

If you want fast service, I recommend sitting at the bar. You can meet new people, watch sports and take advantage of the Happy Hour specials every day of the week. All you have to do is take a seat between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. on the day of your choice. One of the first things you will notice when you walk in is the Mexican heritage of the restaurant. All of the ingredients are local and fresh. The sauces and tortillas are divine because they are made from scratch in-house.

Once, I saw someone stealing a habanero sauce at the bar. I was outraged on behalf of my favorite restaurant and told the bartender. He told me their sauce was so good it should be stolen. He said he had no idea why the sauce was not bottled and sold because it would be a winner. I remember laughing and thinking well all right.

El Camino Food Reviews

Sometimes I come to the El Camino to enjoy a few drinks with friends. I have also written quite a few tequila reviews. I have enjoyed most of the dishes on the menu and have even stolen a bite or two of something new from friends. Everything is always consistent and delicious. Whether I order a burrito bowl, a classic burrito or something new, every item is always prepared the same way. I am not a small eater but I have yet to finish one of their burritos. I always have some left to take home.

el camino las olas

Whether you prefer refried beans or rice, you have options and more than enough food for the heartiest appetite. My favorite appetizer is Mexican street corn. I have also become partial to tamales and chicharrones. When I want something lighter, there are four different types of quesadillas. Each one has different proteins and cheeses to satisfy every customer. No words will adequately describe the brisket quesadilla, but I order it often.

All of the El Camino food reviews I have seen are good. Unless I have Mexican food at least once a week I am not happy. Sometimes I go with my best friend and she is very conscious of her figure. She raves about the salads. She always has a difficult time deciding between the kale and avocado salad. She always takes advantage of the option to add protein for an extra charge including chile-rubbed steak, achiote chicken and gulf shrimp.

El Camino Tacos

One of the reasons El Camino is so successful is they make good, solid tacos I enjoy along with a great drinking environment. I have heard some people say South Florida is not the best place for Mexican food but I disagree. I have had fantastic tacos from food trucks, authentic Mexican restaurants and everything in between. I admit I have had better than what El Camino serves but that does not mean I do not find them delicious.

Here’s a great El Camino Fort Lauderdale review in the form of a video that I found on YouTube.  

If you want tacos, my recommendation is to come in during Happy Hour. You can try different tacos along with the amazing tequila selection at El Camino until you find your favorite. I have found this is a great way to save money at the same time. The burritos are spectacular and absolutely enormous. If you are watching your carbs, the burrito bowl is excellent and has a lot of flavor. If your preference is enchiladas, you will not be disappointed. Overall, the food is excellent.

Tequila Drinks at El Camino

I have to confess, most of the time I come for the amazing tequila selection at El Camino. If you enjoy mezcal, you do not want to miss drinks at El Camino. The reason I enjoy writing reviews for Mexican bars and restaurants is I get to try a wide range of tequila drinks. I can find almost every brand of tequila and mezcal at prices from fair to moderate. Nothing is so expensive I will not have a drink, but some of the drinks are between $12 and $30.

I also enjoy a good additive-free tequila and the variety here is great. I have found my favorites including Tequila Ocho, G4, Reserva de la Familia and Tapatio. When I want something rarer, I often choose ArteNOM or Fuenteseca. I have only found one high-end tequila not available at El Camino, Tears of Llorona. There is also a wide range of more common tequilas such as Casa Dragones and Clase Azul. I have discovered most people will not recognize a good tequila even when it is right under their nose.

Margarita Drinks at El Camino

I have never found a better place to go on a date than El Camino. I can relax, enjoy the company and atmosphere and indulge in my love of a good drink. Everyone I have ever brought here has fallen in love with the drink menu because it is spectacular. The only difficult part is deciding which drink I want since the selection is so extensive. I also want to mention almost all of the El Camino food reviews mention the drinks. The list of margaritas includes:

  • Classic containing Blanco tequila, house lime bitters and fresh lime agave
  • Hibiscus Cordial containing fresh lime blood orange and Blanco tequila
  • Kiwi containing muddled kiwi fresh mint, Blanco tequila, mint and kiwi
  • Strawberry containing Blanco tequila, basil and Strawberries Lillet Rose
  • 50-50 containing Blanco tequila fresh lime, Del Maguey Vida and agave
  • Spicy Avocado containing Blanco tequila, avocado jalapeno, Combier and fresh lime
  • Cucumber containing cucumber juice fresh lime, Vida mezcal and Verde Poblano
  • Passion Fruit containing Blanco tequila, vanilla salt and passion fruit habanero
  • Watermelon containing Blanco tequila, smoked sea salt, jalapeno and watermelon juice
  • Pineapple containing Blanco tequila, toasted coconut salt, fresh pineapple coconut water and coconut
  • Mango containing Reposado tequila, strawberry, Chamomile Cordial and strawberry mango
  • Guava containing Reposado tequila, guava nectar, habanero and habanero agave fresh lime
  • Smoked Pineapple containing mezcal, cracked pepper and fresh-pressed pineapple vanilla agave

Specialty Cocktails

  • Paloma containing Blanco tequila, salt, soda and ruby grapefruit fever tree grapefruit
  • Oaxaca Old Fashioned containing Tromba Anejo, Ango bitters and Del Maguar mezcal agave
  • Sangria containing Blanco tequila, grapefruit aqua Fresca and Vino Tinto

My all-time favorite is the Old Fashioned. My usual drink is a mezcal-based old-fashioned. In comparison to what I have enjoyed over the years, this one is quite good. Every once in a while I get a taste for wine or beer. I realize these drinks are available just about anywhere, but the selection at El Camino is pretty good. I am giving El Camino a good review for a variety of reasons including the atmosphere, service, ambiance, food and drinks. You will not be disappointed.

Chris is a Midwest Transplant that has lived in South Florida since 1999. While he likes to remain active and is an avid sports enthusiast, he's become our go-to provider of reviews of any establishment serving food and booze!

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