Angelo Elia Review | Is It Worth Your Time and Money?

Florida has tons of popular eateries you can visit, including bars, burger joints, pizzerias, and more. One such place is Angelo Elia, a fine diner with a selection of traditional Italian-style cuisines.

Food lovers looking for mouthwatering tapas in Weston, FL, can try this joint. People flock to the restaurant in masses every night, creating long queues, so we suggest heading out early to get a seat.

Don’t worry if you’re skeptical about the food, though. Today, we’ll note the good and bad about the restaurant in this Angelo Elia Review.

Overall Restaurant Ambiance

At first glance, the Angelo Elia in Weston is just like any other upbeat Italian joint in Florida. It’s bright and nicely decorated with lights, plants, and mirrors. The buzzing crowd and loud chatter make the place feel homely and strangely comforting.

Most visitors are young couples and college students waiting in line for a quick bite. However, company staff on lunch breaks can also be seen. It’s a very sophisticated location, making it ideal for those wanting some quietness and privacy.

The Food

You have different kinds of tapas, soups, paninis, pizzas, and salads at Angelo Elia. You can expect common Italian foods broken down into different categories. Apart from that, you’ve got a variety of wines and drinks that can make any evening special.

Tapas: If you want the best tapas in Weston, consider visiting the bar at Angelo Elia. Their menu has a variety of Spanish tapas, including a charcuterie board. The creamy burrata is also famous among those visiting.

Enjoy munching on the delicious Caprese and eggplant parmigiana while sipping some of their finest wines. However, the only downside to their tapas selection is that it has no vegan options.

Soups: Unlike the previous selection, vegetarians can enjoy the creamy vegan minestrone. On the other hand, pasta and Fagioli are also highly sought after.


Panini: Enjoy the delectable line of paninis found in the Angelo Elia Weston menu. Choose from the Fioretti, Goloso, and Angelo burgers for your meal.

Entrees: This category consists of spaghetti and meatballs, rigatoni bolognese, lasagna Rustica, chicken parmigiana, and other mouthwatering dishes.

Pizza: The Angelo Elia pizza in Weston is one of the restaurant’s highlights. You can check out their Pizza section, which features some of their best creations. Their most-sold ones include the Diavola, Funghi, Margherita, Angelo, and Pepperoni Rustica.

The Primavera is famous among vegans, whereas the Contadina is a favorite for meat lovers. Note that all of their pizzas are whole wheat and gluten-free.

Salads: On the other hand, you can enjoy a range of delicious greens from their specialty salads. Each item is generously tossed in vinaigrette, cheese, lemon juice, and croutons.

Each item is made by their top chefs who know how to enhance the flavors of the food. Get the perfect Italian experience from the Angelo Elia in Weston, FL.

Its Wine Selection

The D’Angelo restaurant in Weston has a fine selection of aged wine and champagne. You can also enjoy their imported beers and water.

Red Wine | BTL: The Toscolo and La Valentina are the most popular choices regarding its BTL selection. You can also try the Oberon by Mondavi if you’re craving hints of vanilla and chocolate.

Other guest favorites include the Villa Antinori, the Silver Palm, the Jordan, Catena, Le Volte, etc. You can also try out its Austin Hope and Quilt Cabernet Sauvignon.

Red Wine | GLS: If you want to enjoy a glass of its finest red wine, go for the Meiomi or the Decoy by Duckhorn. However, the Toscolo is also well-loved by many.

Champagne: Unfortunately, its Champagne and Sparkling section is somewhat disappointing, given that you can only enjoy the Zonin.

The Casa D’Angelo Weston menu heavily emphasizes its selection of red wine only. We hope the restaurant introduces an equally vast category of champagne in the future.

White Wine | GLS/ BTL: The luxurious selection of white wine at the D’Angelo restaurant in Weston is one of the best you will come across in Florida. Visitors prefer the Bollini and Whitehaven for dinners.

On the other hand, the Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay is perfect for formal events such as meetings, office parties, get-togethers, etc.

Other white wines include Jankara Vermentino, Santa Margherita, Villa Sparina, Saracco, A by Acacia, and more.

Beer | Draft: Its draft beer is famous for tasting fluffy and crisp, making it a fan favorite among younger generations.

You can select from four options: the Peroni, Goose Island, Stella Artois, and Michelob Ultra.

Water | BTL: Wash down every delicious item you eat in this restaurant with a bottle of fresh San Benedetto or San Pellegrino. The water in the Angelo Elia Weston is imported directly from Italy.

The People Behind the Food

Let’s look at the people who made this fantastic South Floridian restaurant grow over the years. This Angelo Elia review would only be complete with a glance at the award-winning team representing the restaurant.

  • Chef Angelo Elia

First, we have Angelo Elia, the maestro behind every delicious item created. He is a well-known culinary expert for highlighting traditional Italian cuisine across South Florida.

Chef Angelo also has two other flagship restaurants in Boca Raton and the Bahamas. Both locations have seen tremendous success. On top of that, Angelo Elia has also been awarded four stars recently by famous food critic M.L. Warren.

  • Denise Elia

She is more than just Angelo Elia’s wife, as Denise is the director of house operations. Mrs. Elia has more than 20 years of experience in the fine-dining industry. She has mastered the art of party planning, event management, and refinery over the years as a director.

  • Rickie Piper

The following important figure is Rickie Piper, executive chef for the Casa D’Angelo, Weston, FL. He has been working for the past 10 years under Chef Angelo. Rickie was born in Illinois but soon moved to Rome, where he first fell in love with food.

Rickie Piper was one of the people who helped Chef Angelo open his second restaurant in the Bahamas. He also holds culinary classes in Fort Lauderdale, representing Angelo Elia throughout Florida.


Whether you enjoy having pizza with your friends for lunch or delicious tapas in Weston, the Angelo Elia restaurant should be on your bucket list when visiting Florida, especially if you are looking for Italian in Weston.

We hope our Angelo Elia review helped you get a transparent overview of the food and drinks offered by the restaurant.

Chris is a Midwest Transplant that has lived in South Florida since 1999. While he likes to remain active and is an avid sports enthusiast, he's become our go-to provider of reviews of any establishment serving food and booze!

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