5 Facts You Probably Missed About Orchids of Asia Day Spa

The Orchids of Asia Day Spa located in Jupiter, Florida along with Robert Kraft, and 100 other men have been accused of soliciting sex. A warrant was issued to Kraft, who is the owner of Patriots on the Feburary 21 with authorities revealing that Kraft had solicited sex at the spa on at least two different occasions in last month. A spokesperson for Kraft has said that they have denied the accusations and that Mr.Kraft did not engage in any illegal activity. Since this is a judicial matter, the spokesperson refused to comment any further. Kraft is a very well known winter resident of the Palm Beach Area, but he isn’t the only renowned sports figure living in the area, Tiger Woods also calls Jupiter his home.

The Orchids of Asia Day Spa & Erotic Massage Bust

Robert Kraft
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Orchids of Asia Day Spa has been under investigation for 7 long months and the investigation was being looked by Palm Beach and Martin County Sheriff offices, as well as the Department of Homeland Security and IRS. The investigation was mostly focus in on prostitution and human trafficking. Orchids of Asia Day Spa is located on 103 South US Highway 1 in Jupiter, Florida, almost 20 miles north of Palm Beach. It was first opened in February 2012.

Here are 5 facts you have probably missed about the case.  Thanks to DeadSpin for great information.

A Massage at the Spa Costs Roughly $80

If you check Yelp listings for Orchids of Asia Day Spa, you will come across a massage usually costing $80. The reviews on the page appear to be mixed with the major complaint being that customers were automatically charged a tip. The website of the business has a slogan that says ‘A full-service day spa with a touch of the Orient’. It advertises another package called the ‘Early Bird’ offer that includes an hour-long massage for just $64.

The Facebook page of the spa has many 5 star ratings, but all of these are from men. The most recent review on the page is from a woman who negatively reviewed the spa saying that she was forced to pay a 15% tip. She does not recommend the services, especially for facials.

The Accused Madam’s Legal Team Said She Did Not Know Prostitution Was Taking Place at the Spa

Hua Zhang, who is the accused madam of the spa has also been charged. She also handles the business of Sequoia Apple Day Spa in Hope Sound, Florida. The owner of the spa is also listed with the name Zhang who is the resident of Winter Garden, Florida. She has been charged with at least 26 counts of procuring prostitution. The spa was also formerly known as the Tokyo Day Spa and Massage.

Lei Wang is another person who has been taken into custody due to possible crimes at the spa. Two more people known by the name Ruimei Li and Lixia Zhu have also been arrested and accused of running a similar spa with similar activities. Further arrests have also been made in a spa in Sebastian, Florida. Zhang has also been issued a bond of $250,000 after she made her first appearance in the court.

Zhang has been ordered to not have any kind of contact with any of the women that were found at the spa. Her legal team has said that Zhang had no knowledge of illegal activities taking place in the rooms of the massage parlor. In addition, she has also been accused of running the spa and for engaging in sex for money within the spa.

A Huge Police Response Was Seen Before Kraft’s Involvement Was Announced

Just three days before the announcement of Kraft’s involvement in the spa was announced, there was a large police presence outside the spa. A woman who works near the spa has told that it was like a scene from a movie seeing so many cops right next to where you work.

The Women Working in Spa Were Not Allowed to Leave

According to the Martin County Sheriff Will Snyder, there were no legitimate workers at the spa. The offices have found women in sexual servitude inside at least 10 spas in Orlando and Palm Beach County.

He also said that women who were found in the spa were forbidden from leaving it. The women were also forced to sleep on massage tables. All of the women in the spa belonged to a Chinese origin.

Around 20 men per day were surveilled while visiting the Orchids of Asia Day Spa. Warrants to these men were issued which led to the investigation discovering bodily fluid on napkins and the trash cans. In addition to this investigation, the police had also placed a tracking device on the car of Hua Zhang.

A Phone Number Links the Spa to Several Other Spas

If you try to reach the number listed for the Orchids of Asia Spa, you’ll see that it is actually linked to several other spas within Florida. The listed number takes you to a voicemail that leads to another number that is disconnected. Websites that list massage parlors that offer sexual services have described the spa as offering ‘Erotic Asian Massages.   For a bird’s eye view of how rampant the Florida erotic massage scene is, follow the link and you’ll see a list of the number of spa’s in just the Fort Lauderdale main streets alone.  It’s very eye opening.

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