10-day Weather Forecast for Plantation, FL: Clear Skies Ahead

Welcome to our Weather Plantation FL 10 day forecast! Whether you’re a local resident, planning a trip to the area, or just curious about the weather, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll be providing a detailed 10-day forecast for Plantation, along with key information about the expected conditions, including temperature, precipitation, and wind speed and direction. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the weather in Plantation!


10-Day Plantation Weather Forecast , FL :

Day 1-3 : Wed 15 – Fri 17

On Wednesday, Plantation will experience cloudy skies, with a 24% chance of rain. Temperatures will range from 60-74°F, with winds blowing from the northeast direction. On Thursday and Friday, the weather will be partly cloudy with lower precipitation chances of 15% and 2%, respectively. Temperatures will range from 63-82°F, with winds blowing from the east-northeast and southeast directions.

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Day 4-6 : Sat 18 – Mon 20

On Saturday and Sunday, Plantation will experience showers with precipitation chances of 57% and 68%, respectively. Temperatures will range from 65-86°F, with winds blowing from the south and north directions. On Monday, the city will experience showers with a 74% chance of precipitation. Temperatures will range from 68-80°F, with winds blowing from the northeast direction.

Day 7-9 : Tue 21 – Thu 23

Tuesday will see temperatures of 85°F during the day, with a 58% chance of PM thunderstorms. Winds will be blowing from the southeast direction. On Wednesday and Thursday, temperatures will range from 65-83°F, with partly cloudy skies and lower precipitation chances of 24% and 13%, respectively. Winds will be blowing from the northwest and northeast directions.

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Day 10 : Fri 24

Friday will see mostly sunny skies with a 4% chance of precipitation. Temperatures will range from 68-85°F, with winds blowing from the east-southeast direction.

Weather Forecast Summary :

Based on the available data, the weather in Plantation Florida today is cloudy with a low of 64°F. There is a slight chance of a rain shower, with only a 15% chance of precipitation. Winds are expected to be coming from the NNE direction, with a speed of 12 mph. It is advisable to bring an umbrella or raincoat based on weather in plantation today.

Weather Plantation FL, will experience a mix of weather conditions. The Plantation Florida weather 10 day will be partly cloudy, followed by two days of showers, and one day of thunderstorms. Temperatures will range from 60-86°F, with winds blowing from different directions. It is essential to stay updated on the weather conditions to plan your week accordingly.

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Plan Your Week :

Due to the higher chances of showers and thunderstorms, it is advisable to plan your outdoor activities accordingly. Remember to check the weather updates and plantation florida weather forecast to regularly be prepared for the upcoming weather conditions. Stay safe and enjoy your week in Plantation, FL.



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