Vacation Village Weston Resort Review: Perfect Getaway in Florida

Vacation Village at Weston: A Relaxing Getaway in South Florida

If you’re looking for a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, Vacation Village at Weston is the perfect destination. Located in the charming city of Weston, Florida, this resort is just a short drive away from the beautiful beaches of South Florida, as well as a variety of bars, clubs, and restaurants.


A Brief History

Vacation Village at Weston was founded in the early 2000s as a premier vacation resort in the Fort Lauderdale area. Since then, it has become a popular destination for travelers from all over the world. With its spacious suites, top-notch amenities, and prime location, it’s no wonder why Vacation Village at Weston is a favorite among vacationers.

Vacation Village Weston Review

Fun Facts

Did you know that Vacation Village at Weston is located near some of the best golf courses in Florida? Or that the resort features a luxurious spa where guests can unwind and rejuvenate? Additionally, Vacation Village at Weston is home to a variety of activities and events, including poolside barbecues, game nights, and fitness classes.


Features and Amenities

One of the standout features of Vacation Village at Weston is its spacious and well-appointed suites. Each suite features a fully equipped kitchen, separate living and dining areas, and comfortable bedding. Other amenities include multiple swimming pools, a fitness center, and a convenient on-site market.


Vacation Village Suites Weston

Exploring Weston, Florida

While there’s plenty to do at Vacation Village Weston Resort, the surrounding city of Weston is also worth exploring. Located just a short drive away from the resort, Weston boasts a variety of restaurants, bars, and shops. Some popular attractions include the Weston Town Center, the Bonaventure Country Club, and the Markham Park and Target Range.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing vacation or an adventure-filled getaway, Vacation Village at Weston has something for everyone. With its prime location, luxurious amenities, and comfortable accommodations, it’s no wonder why this resort is a top choice for travelers visiting South Florida.



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