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University-of-Florida-MajorsChoosing a major is a significant decision that can shape your academic journey and future career path. At the University of Florida, students are presented with the option of choosing between different majors, each offering unique opportunities for learning and personal growth.

For those who are still unsure of their path, the university offers an “Exploratory” option, recognizing that many students have a wide range of interests that may lead to minors, certificates, double majors, dual degrees or combination degrees. Let us now check out some of the majors UF has to offer.

Social Sciences Majors

The Social Science majors at UF are focused on the science behind how people and societies work. Within this category, we have:

  • African American Studies: Explores African American history and culture.
  • Criminology and Law: Focuses on crime, justice, and legal systems.
  • Economics: Analyzes market forces and economic policies.
  • Political Science: Examines governments and international relations.
  • Psychology: Studies behavior and mental processes.
  • Sociology: Explores the structures and dynamics of human society.

Engineering and Science Majors

There are quite a few Engineering and Science programs at UF. Some of the most popular among them include:

  • Aerospace Engineering: Designing aircraft and spacecraft.
  • Biological Engineering: Combines biology with technology.
  • Environmental Science: Explores environmental issues and sustainability.
  • Computer and Information Science: Navigating the digital world.
  • Civil Engineering: Designs infrastructure and communities.
  • Environmental Geosciences: Addresses critical environmental challenges.
  • Mathematics: Solving complex problems.
  • Chemical Engineering: Focuses on chemical processes.
  • Physics: Studies the fundamental laws governing the universe.
  • Computer Science: Covers programming, algorithms, and more.
  • Electrical Engineering: Deals with electrical energy and systems.
  • Mechanical Engineering: Focuses on mechanical systems and machines

Arts and Humanities Majors

The Arts and Humanities majors at UF teach about different human cultures, philosophies and languages. Some of these are:

  • Advertising: Teaches persuasive communication.
  • Anthropology: Focuses on diverse human cultures.
  • Art History: Examines global art and architecture.
  • Theater: Explores acting, directing, and design.
  • Music: Celebrates creativity and music education.
  • Philosophy: Explores fundamental questions about reality and ethics.
  • Religion: Examines the role of religion in societies.
  • Literature: Studies diverse literary works.
  • Foreign Languages: Offers language proficiency and cultural knowledge.

Health and Human Sciences Majors

The Health and Human Sciences programs at UF are focused on improving health and well-being. Among them, we have:

  • Applied Physiology and Kinesiology: Focuses on exercise and wellness.
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders: Aids people with communication issues.
  • Nursing: Prepares students for healthcare careers.
  • Nutritional Sciences: Examines the role of nutrition in health.
  • Early Childhood Education: Prepares to teach young children and families.

Business and Accounting Majors

Business and Accounting majors at UF are all about learning the basics of business and world-class financial management. These include:

  • Accounting: Focuses on financial record-keeping.
  • Business Administration: Covers various business topics.
  • Finance: Explores money management and investments.
  • Management: Prepares to lead organizations.
  • Real Estate: Deals with property laws and finance.

Environmental and Agricultural Majors

Environmental and Agricultural majors at UF focus on the environment and efficient food growing measures. Featured among these courses are:

  • Agricultural Education and Communication: Focuses on food and farming.
  • Agricultural Operations Management: Teaches sustainable agriculture.
  • Botany: Studies plant biology.
  • Environmental Geosciences: Examines Earth’s systems.
  • Environmental Management in Agriculture and Natural Resources: Addresses environmental issues in agriculture.
  • Horticultural Science: Focuses on plant biology and management.
  • Natural Resource Conservation: Preserves nature and ecosystems.
  • Sustainability and the Built Environment: Creates sustainable futures.
  • Sustainability Studies: Focuses on environmental sustainability.
  • Wildlife Ecology and Conservation: Protects wildlife and biodiversity.

Other Majors

UF offers a range of other majors too. Here are a few of them:

  • Construction Management: Efficiently builds structures.
  • Innovation: Fosters creativity and entrepreneurship.
  • Interior Design: Creates functional and beautiful spaces.
  • Public Relations: Manages relationships between organizations and the public.
  • Telecommunication: Prepares for jobs in media and communication.
  • Sport Management: Combines business with sports management.
  • Statistics: Analyzes data trends and patterns.

For additional details about the courses and programs offered at the University of Florida, you can reach out to their respective departments and offices. Here are some important contact numbers:

Admissions Office: You can contact the Admissions Office at 352-392-1365.

Welcome Center: For inquiries, you can reach the Welcome Center at 352-392-2959.

OneStop: If you have specific questions or need assistance, you can call OneStop at 352-392-2244.

For more comprehensive information and resources, you can also visit their website at UF Admissions.

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Q : How many majors does the University of Florida offer?

A : UF offers over 100 majors spanning various disciplines.

Q : Can students in the “Exploratory” category still graduate on time?

A : Yes, students in the “Exploratory” category can graduate on time.

Q : How long can students remain in the “Exploratory” category?

A : Students can stay in the “Exploratory” category for their first three Fall/Spring terms at UF. During this time, they are encouraged to explore various academic options.

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