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USA Gymnastics is the national governing body for gymnastics in the United States, responsible for overseeing and regulating the sport across the country. One of the many gyms that falls under their jurisdiction is located in Weston, Florida. This gym has a long history of producing successful gymnasts and has been a training ground for some of the top athletes in the sport.

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15900 W State Rd 84, Weston, FL 33326, USA

Telephone: +1 954-384-9191
Web: http://taggymnastics.com/

The gym in Weston, Florida is owned and operated by Kim Zmeskal-Burdette and her husband Chris Burdette. Zmeskal-Burdette is a former Olympic gymnast who won a bronze medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. After retiring from competition, she went on to become a successful coach, and in 2012, she and her husband opened the gym in Weston.

The gym quickly gained a reputation for producing top-level gymnasts. Some of the gym’s most successful athletes include Riley McCusker, who won the 2017 American Cup, and Olivia Dunne, who won the 2016 Nastia Liukin Cup. Both gymnasts have gone on to compete at the national and international levels, with McCusker winning a silver medal in the team event at the 2018 World Championships.

In addition to its success in competition, the gym in Weston has also become known for its innovative training techniques. The gym’s coaches use a variety of methods to help gymnasts develop their skills, including trampolines, foam pits, and specialized equipment designed to improve balance and coordination.

One of the gym’s most unique training techniques is called “the vault machine.” This machine is designed to help gymnasts perfect their vaulting technique by allowing them to practice without the risk of injury. The machine consists of a runway, a springboard, and a padded platform, and it allows gymnasts to perform full vaults without the need for a traditional vaulting table.

The gym in Weston has also been a leader in the use of technology to enhance training. The gym has a state-of-the-art video analysis system that allows coaches to analyze their gymnasts’ technique in slow motion. This system is used to identify areas where gymnasts can improve and to help them make adjustments to their technique.

The gym in Weston is also known for its emphasis on mental preparation. The gym’s coaches work with gymnasts to develop their mental toughness, teaching them techniques to help them stay focused and overcome anxiety during competition. The gym also offers yoga and meditation classes to help gymnasts develop a strong mind-body connection.

Despite its many successes, the gym in Weston has not been immune to controversy. In 2018, the gym was named in a lawsuit filed by several gymnasts who alleged that they had been sexually abused by former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar. The gym was not accused of any wrongdoing in the lawsuit, but the allegations brought attention to the wider issue of sexual abuse in gymnastics.

Following the Nassar scandal, USA Gymnastics has implemented a number of changes to improve athlete safety, including the creation of a Safe Sport program designed to protect athletes from abuse. The gym in Weston has also taken steps to ensure the safety of its gymnasts, including conducting background checks on all staff members and implementing a code of conduct for coaches and athletes.

Overall, the gym in Weston, Florida has a long history of producing successful gymnasts and is known for its innovative training techniques and emphasis on mental preparation. While it has faced its share of controversy, the gym remains a leader in the sport and a training ground for some of the top gymnasts in the country.

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