Sunbiz Customer Service

Sunbiz-Customer-ServiceIf you’re looking to start or manage a business in Florida, you’ll undoubtedly come across Sunbiz. But what exactly is it and how does it affect your business? In this guide, we’ll explain the functions of Sunbiz, and also share the contact details for Sunbiz customer service.

Understanding Sunbiz

Sunbiz is an online directory and business portal designed for companies operating within Florida. It falls under the purview of the Division of Corporations within the Florida Department of State. At its core, Sunbiz serves two primary functions:

Legal Recognition: Sunbiz is the gateway for businesses seeking legitimate recognition within the state of Florida. To establish this recognition, entities must register or file their necessary documentation on the Sunbiz website.

Information Hub: Sunbiz provides the public with access to vital information and verifications concerning a company’s registration or filing status. This transparency ensures accountability and builds trust within the business community.

Sunbiz Customer Service

If you find yourself regularly dealing with documents and filings, consider establishing a Prepaid Sunbiz E-File Account for added convenience. To begin, reach out to Sunbiz customer service at (850) 245-6939.

For specific inquiries and assistance, here are some additional contact options:


1. Florida Profit & Non-Profit – Articles of Incorporation

2. Corporation Amendments, Withdrawals, Mergers & Registered Agent Changes

3. Corporation Annual Reports & Reinstatements

4. Foreign Corporation Qualification

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

1. Florida LLC – Articles of Organization

2. LLC Amendments & Registered Agent Changes

3. LLC Annual Reports & Reinstatements

4. LLC Mergers

5. Foreign LLC Qualification


1. Limited Partnership Filings, Limited Liability Limited Partnership Filings

2. Annual Reports & Reinstatements, General, Limited Liability Partnership Filings

3. LP & LLLP Registered Agent Changes

Fictitious Names

Registrations & Renewals

Trademarks & Service Marks

General Information


Federal Tax & Judgment Liens

Other Services

1. Apostilles

2. Certification & Copy Requests

3. Internet Support Section

4. Notary Public

5. Service of Process

6. Cable Franchises

Business Registration with Sunbiz

To officially establish a profit or non-profit corporation in Florida, you must initiate the process by filing either the “Profit Articles of Incorporation” or the “Non-Profit Articles of Incorporation” form through Sunbiz. The minimal filing fee for creating a new Florida corporation is $70. Additionally, you have the option to request a “Certified Copy” and “Certificate of Status” at respective costs of $8.75 each.

Once your corporation is formed, it’s essential to file an annual report with Sunbiz to confirm its active status. The fee for filing an annual report for a Profit Corporation is $150, while for a Non-Profit Corporation, it amounts to $61.25. Profit Corporations must submit their annual reports before May 1st to avoid a $400 penalty. Non-Profits are exempt from this penalty. If you need to make changes to an already filed annual report for a profit corporation, an additional fee of $61.25 applies.

Formation of LLCs

For those looking to create a Limited Liability Company (LLC), the “Articles of Organization” form must be filed through Sunbiz. The minimum cost for registering a new Florida LLC is $125. Similar to corporations, you can request a “Certified Copy” and “Certificate of Status” at costs of $30 and $5, respectively.

LLCs are also required to file annual reports through Sunbiz to demonstrate their active status. The cost for this annual report is $138.75. Like corporations, LLCs face a May 1st deadline and a $400 penalty for late filing. To make changes to an already submitted annual report for an LLC, an additional fee of $50 is applicable.

Sunbiz Quick Facts

Here are some quick fun facts about Sunbiz:

  • Sunbiz operates 24/7, ensuring easy accessibility and convenience to all.
  • It manages over 8 million records, providing a comprehensive database.
  • Annually, Sunbiz processes more than 240 million filings, certifications, and inquiries.
  • The Division of Corporations, which oversees Sunbiz, plays a dual role: formalizing business legal status and supplying information and certification on filed activities.

Doing business in Florida is made much easier with Sunbiz. It offers transparency, accountability and efficient services to support entrepreneurs and established businesses alike. Whether you’re starting a company, an LLC, or managing annual reports, Sunbiz is your go-to resource.



Q : Where can I find filing forms?

A : Filing forms are available online, and some can be submitted electronically for convenience.

Q : What is a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN/EIN)?

A : A FEIN is a tax identification number issued by the IRS. You can obtain one by contacting the IRS directly at 1-800-829-4933.

Q : Do I need a business license?

A : Occupational licenses are obtained from the Clerk of the Circuit Court in the relevant county. Professional licenses can be acquired through the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

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