Modern Home 2 Go

If you are looking for contemporary Furniture in Fort Lauderdale or Miami, Modern Home 2 Go is a great place to start your journey.  I’ve found their prices lower than some of their competitors and really enjoy the service they’ve provided.  I found a very cool dining table there that was priced much higher at some of the higher end stores in Miami.

MH2G Furniture Review

Everything was nice from the moment my son and I parked in front of their location on North Federal Highway.

Miami & Fort Lauderdale Locations

We looked upstairs and downstairs and tried to choose between three dining tables.  Finally, we decided on this one.  We’ve very happy with it.  Now, we just need to source some chairs.

@mh2g thanks for the awesome dining table. Review to follow. #contemporary #furniture #floridareviews

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