Ken Detzner

Ken-DetznerBorn in Chicago, Illinois, in 1952, Kenneth W. Detzner is a prominent figure in Florida politics. Nonetheless, his journey had modest origins. His father’s occupation in the railroad industry meant that Detzner’s summers were often spent visiting his aunt in Clearwater, Florida. He graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in political science in 1975. During his college years, he gained valuable experience working for Congressional Quarterly during the summer months.

Early Years & Political Transition

Detzner’s entry into the political arena was as an executive assistant to former state attorney general and Secretary of State James “Jim” Smith. During this period, he specialized in drug legislation and later became the finance director for Smith’s 1986 gubernatorial campaign, where Smith ran as a Democrat. Interestingly, two years after Detzner’s departure from the Democratic Party, Smith followed suit, changing his party affiliation to Republican.

Kenneth W. Detzner’s career in Florida state government saw him assume various roles of importance. He served as the director of legislative and policy affairs in the office of the attorney general of Florida from 1979 to 1985. Detzner also took on the role of Executive Director for the Florida Beer Wholesalers Association.

Secretary of State Tenure

Detzner’s most prominent roles came during his tenure as the Florida Secretary of State. He was initially appointed by Governor Jeb Bush in 2002 and served in this capacity until 2003. However, his second stint as Secretary of State was more extended and impactful. Governor Rick Scott appointed him to the position in 2012, and he continued in this role until 2019, spanning Governor Scott’s re-election in 2014.

During his time as Secretary of State, Detzner emphasized principles of independence, fairness, and transparency in the agency’s work. He underlined the importance of conducting elections in Florida to ensure that every eligible voter had the opportunity to cast their vote, with a commitment to the accurate counting of votes.

Challenges & Events

Detzner’s tenure as Secretary of State was marked by challenges and notable events. In 2012, he faced the task of reviewing the state’s voter rolls. This initiative aimed to identify and remove ineligible voters. However, it stirred controversy and legal disputes, with the U.S. Department of Justice filing a lawsuit against Florida, asserting violations of voting rights laws.

One of the significant episodes during Detzner’s time in office was in June 2017 when the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, established by President Donald Trump, requested voter information from all 50 states. Detzner’s response higlighted Florida’s commitment to providing only publicly available information while safeguarding sensitive data.

Kenneth W. Detzner’s contributions to Florida’s political landscape are characterized by his dedication to transparent and fair elections, even amid contentious issues. His career trajectory from a college summer job to the Secretary of State’s office is a testament to the importance of public service and the ability of individuals to shape the political landscape of their state.



Q : When did Kenneth W. Detzner serve as Florida’s Secretary of State?

A : Detzner served as Florida’s Secretary of State from 2002 to 2003 and from 2012 to 2019.

Q : What was the primary focus of the voter roll review initiated during Detzner’s tenure?

A : The review aimed to identify and remove potentially ineligible voters from Florida’s voter rolls.

Q : Who appointed Kenneth W. Detzner as Florida’s Secretary of State in 2012?

A : Governor Rick Scott appointed Detzner as Florida’s Secretary of State in 2012.

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