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I drive a Toyota Camry, and among the biggest reasons why I do so (aside from it being in my desired price range) is that it is low maintenance. I’ve driven a Camry since I first got my license more than half my life ago, and am currently on my third one. I can’t imagine my next car purchase will be any different. There’s never much of anything that goes wrong with it, but when some maintenance is needed I like to know there’s a trustworthy mechanic that can take care of the issues quickly and at a fair price. I found that with the Firestone shop in my town of Weston.

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Firestone Auto Care Weston Review

Previously I had gone to the Goodyear location that is off of 84 and Weston Road. It was conveniently located to where I lived at the time. In addition, as I hate just sitting in the seating area while my car gets worked on, I enjoyed that they’ll drive you home in one of their own cars and pick you up when your car is ready.

However, I read some less than positive reviews on a Weston Facebook group I belong to and had a bad experience of my own. They left some of their equipment on top of my engine after working on it and then closed the hood, which when I got home I noticed wasn’t latched all the way. who knows what could’ve happened had the hood released and flown upwards towards the windshield. I searched for a new mechanic.

The locals pointed me to the Firestone on Glades Circle and I’ve been very happy ever since. I’ve never had a problem getting an appointment scheduled and I’m pleasantly surprised with how quickly and quality their work is.

As I mentioned above, my car doesn’t require much maintenance so my visits have usually been for the typical stuff like an oil change. Whenever a headlight or tail light goes out, or when my wipers need replacing, I try to do those things on my own. I leave the rest of the stuff to a skilled mechanic.

They’ve always been very thorough with their inspection and let me know of any other issues they find. Beyond the aforementioned oil changes, I’ve also had some electrical work done there. My power adapter under the dashboard no longer was functioning and they ran diagnostics and solved the problem. Happy to be able to charge my phone in the car again, and it came at a reasonable price.

I haven’t had to visit for any major work yet, but I know when I do that this will be the place I take my car to. A very helpful and honest staff, quick service and high quality work at a fair price is all you can ask for at a mechanic, and I found it here at Firestone in Weston.


2580 Glades Circle
Weston, FL 33327
(954) 320-7265

Firestone Weston Store Hours:

Sunday: 8am – 5pm
Monday – Friday: 7am – 7pm
Saturday: 7am – 6pm

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