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I was so happy when the old rundown theater in our suburb, Weston 8 Cinema, was said to be shutting down and going through a massive renovation. I was even happier when I saw the finished result and had a movie experience like I never had before. All in our hometown!

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AMC Weston8 Movie Theater Review

Let’s face it, the old Weston theater was a dump. I used to take the nephew there because it was conveniently located and cheaper than other theaters. The next best option is Cinemark Paradise off of 75 and Sunrise. In 2015 the Weston cinema shut down, re-branded as an AMC Theater, and underwent a huge facelift and it couldn’t be better.

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The first thing you notice as you walk through the door is the bar. Gotta love having the opportunity to take some adult beverages into the theater with you! Gone is the old arcade that used to be in there, but I think we’ll get by just fine without that. The concessions area is completely redone as well, completely upgraded with new snack/meal offerings, and has moved to self-serve Coke machines and Icees so you can fill up your cup as you please. Huge, huge improvement over the old establishment!

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Now, a little about what you’re going to the movie theater for in the first place — the theater experience. This is where the biggest improvements are seen. The old theater had tiny seats, crammed into the cinemas all close together and were not comfortable at all. Sticky floors throughout, just a mess. Gone are those days, and in it’s place are nice new plush leather recliners for everybody. These seats are more comfortable than anything I have at home and make me WANT to go out to the theater now. Pull up the footrest, recline the seatback, and enjoy the movie! There are fewer seats in each theater now, but the comfort is unmatched. Plenty of room between each row that there’s no way of getting your view blocked even when fully reclined. Just a great theater.

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Buy Tickets for Weston 8 Movies Online

That just about covers it from a structural standpoint, but another thing worth mentioning is the ticketing. With the new AMC ownership, you can buy your tickets online at Fandango (or at the box office or kiosks) and select your seats at the time of purchase.

You no longer have to get to the movies early to get a good seat. Simply choose where you want to sit from the available seats and take comfort in knowing that they will be there for you when you show up. Don’t like to watch previews / trailers? No worries. You can show up 10 minutes after your movie’s start-time and skip them and know that your seats will be there.

All in all, this was a massive upgrade and will greatly serve our community for many years to come. The AMC Weston 8 is a model for what a movie-going experience should be. We’re so happy to have it locally! I used to only go to the movies when there was something I absolutely had to see in the theaters. Now I find myself going much more often and can’t wait for my next visit. I’ve been telling everyone about it lately and was thrilled to get a Fandango gift card from my mom to cover my next outing. I will surely put it to use!

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