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Turnberry-MediaTurnberry Media isn’t your run-of-the-mill ad agency. They have exclusive access to some seriously luxurious retail spots. Turnberry Media is part of Turnberry, a premier real estate development and hospitality group with a diverse portfolio spanning the United States and beyond.

Platform for Exclusive Audiences

Turnberry Media leverages its selective audience pool, providing a platform for brands seeking to engage with a niche, high-dollar crowd. With an emphasis on exclusivity, they excel in placing and managing campaigns that resonate with this discerning demographic. One of their notable partnerships is with Aventura Mall, where they’ve played a pivotal role in streamlining the sales process and attracting a diverse range of advertisers.

Media Excellence

Turnberry Media’s approach to media is nothing short of revolutionary. Rooted in immersive experiences, they operate in some of the nation’s most prominent consumer markets and retail destinations. Their exclusive access to top-tier properties ensures maximum impact tailored to the modern buying behaviors that drive measurable results. In a digital age dominated by fleeting attention spans, Turnberry Media stands out as a master of capturing audience attention.

Brand Collaborations

Several renowned brands have found a home within Turnberry Media’s strategic advertising approach:

1. Cartier: Cartier, the luxury brand known for its exquisite timepieces, found an ideal stage in Aventura Mall’s visual spectaculars. They launched a comprehensive in-mall digital campaign to introduce their jewelry line, Clash de Cartier, celebrating diversity and modern aesthetics.

2. Dior: Dior Parfums has been utilizing Aventura Mall’s visual spectaculars and digital in-mall advertising platforms since 2013 to promote their fragrance and beauty campaigns, driving shoppers to multiple points of sale within the mall.

3. Mercedes-Benz: Mercedes-Benz created a pop-up brand experience center at Aventura Mall, spanning over 3,000 square feet of retail space. This immersive experience showcased their engineering prowess, company history, and the beauty of their automobiles.

4. CHANEL: CHANEL made its Fragrance & Beauty pop-up debut at Aventura Mall, offering beauty applications, nail polishes, fragrances, and signature lipstick colors, providing visitors with an unforgettable brand experience.

5. HUGO BOSS: To celebrate the HUGO x Liam Payne capsule collection, Turnberry Media hosted a HUGO Pop-Up and a special appearance event with Liam Payne at Aventura Mall.

Portfolio of Services

Turnberry Media offers a range of services that include:

1. The Pop-Up Experience: Consumer experience is more important today than ever before; it transforms and defines brands. Turnberry Media specializes in crafting unique brand promotions, pop-up displays, concert series, vehicle displays, activations, product launches, event sponsorships, golf events, and private events that captivate audiences.

2. Digital Domination: Digital spectaculars are the pinnacle of brand messaging in the digital age. Turnberry Media integrates brand messages through full-motion video across multiple touchpoints, ensuring immediate consumer attention. Their exclusive out-of-home digital network offers media opportunities ranging from customized locations to complete digital domination.

3. Visual Spectaculars: Impactful brand imagery in targeted areas extends brand messaging and connects with consumer emotions. The media company leverages large format wallscapes, bulkheads, sky and pole banners, window decals and wraps, elevator wraps, directories, dioramas, and duratrans to create memorable visual experiences.

4. Static & Digital Directories: Directory advertising panels provide branding in key entry points and traffic areas at consumers’ top destinations – mall directories. Turnberry Media offers advertising impressions that drive brand awareness, from select locations to complete domination.

5. Filming & Production: Turnberry Media’s properties provide access to coveted landscapes for the film industry. They offer film, television, and commercial production venues across shopping centers, private jet facilities, hotels, and exclusive events. LEVEL THREE, their private event venue, offers a sleek white space, striking rooftop terrace, and no permitting requirements or fees, making it optimal for commercial shoots, music videos, photo shoots, projection mapping, and more.

6. Digital Advertising: Integrating brand messaging throughout every consumer touchpoint is paramount to a successful partnership. Therefore, they also offer digital advertising and social communication channels, which has helped brands reach over 1.4 million consumers. Their services include WiFi campaigns, digital editorial features, commerce pop-ups, social integration, brand campaign features, email/newsletter features, and targeted paid social campaign development.

Other Locations

Turnberry Media is rewriting the advertising rulebook, and they’ve left their mark in some seriously cool spots. Whether it’s the vibrant energy of Sole Mia, the relaxed charm of Destin Commons, or the bustling scene at Town Center Aventura, Turnberry Media has had a hand in designing it all. They bring their innovative advertising magic to every nook and cranny, transforming boring old spaces into captivating brand showcases.

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Q : What makes Turnberry Media’s approach to media unique?

A : Turnberry Media stands out with its immersive experiences and exclusive access to prime retail properties, delivering maximum impact tailored to modern consumer behaviors.

Q : How can brands collaborate with Turnberry Media?

A : Brands can partner with Turnberry Media to create tailored campaigns and experiences for high-dollar niche audiences.

Q : Where can I learn more about Turnberry Media?

A : Visit Turnberry Media’s website www.turnberrymedia.com to explore their services, portfolio, and latest projects.

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